My Top Ten Albums of 2019: #10 Eton Alive – Sleaford Mods

“Funny” albums are normally a bit shit, but Sleaford Mods, a duo from Nottingham who create a hybrid of electronic, punk and rap, continue to defy the odds, both pointing fun at the world around them and themselves. There’s politics there but not on a national scale, as Policy Cream tackles such heavy topics as having more wheelie bins than you have been allocated by your local council (and who, realistically, hasn’t considered nicking the bin from that house that has just become empty on your street?). The beats here are addictive and you’ll easily find yourself tapping them out absentmindedly, whilst, again, its hard not to believe Williamson may be taking a punt at some of the more outwardly political bands doing the rounds when he spits lines such as “You’re just saying it all to look good”. However, its (purposely) not the easiest to listen, everything here is created to either turn you away or make you persevere and in doing the latter, you’ll be rewarded.

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