My Top Ten Albums of 2019: #5 Gold & Grey – Baroness

I’ve been listening to Baroness since 2012’s Yellow & Gold and they continue to blow me away. Some people will notice there’s a distinct lack of Metal on my list this year, but there’s always room for Baroness melodies. There are very few bands out there that, in my opinion, do what Baroness do, where the vocal performance fuses perfectly with the music being played and you are instantly just lost in the wall of noise that they create. Admittedly they can often be intimidating, but the pay off is always absolutely worth it. If 2015’s Purple was about trauma (after the band suffered a massive bus crash which led to two members leaving), then Gold & Grey is about acceptance and heading on to the next stage. Here Baroness very nearly descend into Prog Rock, but still continue to keep things Metal and, as ever, produce something unique and special.

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