A bit of clearing up

I’ve made a major change around here, and that is renaming the entire blog. I’ve not been posting regularly for very long, and well, the previous name didn’t really fit. This place was originally intended to be a home for all my Monter Hunter World adventures and screenshots, but it never really became all of that and I begun to post other stuff that I was enjoying or wanted to share. So, yeah, new name, new url, unfortunately any links I’ve shared elsewhere prior to this change won’t work anymore but as I was getting a maximum of 3 visits per new post thats not really an issue, better to change it now rather than be stuck in the mud.

So yeah, I’m now using the name Bar Harukiya, and there are reasons for that. Firstly, the one thing that really got me into pretty much everything, was Akira. I discovered Akira when I was 16. I was at college in Nottingham and they had a Travelling Man store above the Gamestation that used to be near the old Odeon cinema. The first time I went up there (I was always in Gamestation, picking up second hand PlayStation, Saturn and Dreamcast titles, but I’d never ventured upstairs) I was greeted by a number of shelves of VHS tapes but these all had Pokemon style artwork on them (I didnt really know anything about anime at this point), biggest immediate difference was that many of them had the BBFC 15 Certificate logo on their spines. The one that stood out most was a big double VHS box of Akira. My Education Maintenance Allowance money was burning a hole in my pocket (I was supposed to use it for art supplies, ha!) and I needed to know what this video was all about so I stumped up something like £18 and took the afternoon off college to go home and watch it. Needless to say I was absolutely blown away, from that point on I really begun to develop my own tastes in pretty much everything. Prior to that my only obsession was videogames, from then I begun to develop my own taste in music, begun exploring the world of anime and developed a love of cinema that went beyond whatever was being shown on TV that weekend. I begun to buy the Manga (which at £25 a book I took my time buying) and the rest is history, I am who I am thanks to taking a chance on a weird looking film I knew nothing about shortly after I’d left school.

So, now that I have a name that I like and the page looks good with a nice header image (which is the sign outside the Harukiya Bar that Kaneda walks in to at the start of Akira) and I’ve got all my categories laid out ready to be added to I think I’m happy to keep this place ticking, now I just need to get some articles scheduled. I’d like to do two a week plus keep adding to the #NewMusicFriday community.

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