A rollercoaster week in Eorzea

It’s been a while since I last posted about Final Fantasy XIV, in fact, it was back in July when I was trying to run an alt character, which I’ve since abandoned. The reason for that was that I just couldn’t give my main the time I wanted, and at that stage, I think I was still working my way through Stormblood (maybe even the post Heavensward content). Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot further on my main, I’m nearing the end of whatever MSQ content is available for Shadowbringers and should be up to speed when 5.4 hits in December.

Just over a month ago, I noticed on a Facebook group I’m on that people were wanting to meet up in-game and play together, but the nature of Facebook can make such things difficult, so I put together a Discord server for players that are over 30 and its been quite successful so far. There was the normal quick growth of a community where people sign up but then things tailed off to leave a core of people that interact with each other almost daily, from here linkshells have appeared in-game and there’s been a great atmosphere all round, with people at varying levels of the game, both content and skill-wise, all helping each other out.

Having recently finished Shadowbringers I blitzed through the dungeons required of me and did my best, but I’ve really had to work hard to relearn my Dragoon class. I’d fallen back on just a basic rotation that didn’t take into account AoE’s or jump’s because I hadn’t really needed them. I did one of the Eden trials, said it was my first time and received seven commendations at the end (from a party of eight, I can’t give myself one, obviously), what a buzz, I felt like I was doing things right. Then I found I’d need to re-run content to get the Phantasmagoria currency I’d need to upgrade my gear to keep going with the content I hadn’t yet done. So I re-ran Amaurot, things seemed to be taking a while and the healer commented that I’d cast my Dragonsight skill on them twice. Dragonsight provides me with a 10% damage buff and the person it tethers me to with a 5% buff, in FFXIV healers do damage as well as heal, though their primary function is to obviously heal. Now, on a pad, it’s a little clumsy to select other players, so I had the skill macro’d (basically a bunch of in-game code that gives instructions to whatever you assign in the code) so that it would target whoever was closest to me. They suggested I dropped the macro. I felt flustered and spent a lot of time making stupid mistakes, though it was only the second time I’d ran this dungeon (and had said as much at the start)

After the final boss, the tank left straight away, and the healer and other DPS (a bard) took to insulting me in French (I remember enough of French from school and other online games like PSO to know I was being singled out). I left, complained about it on Discord, added the pair of them to my blacklist and spent the evening studying rotations and practising on striking dummies. I’m absolutely fine with taking criticism, we all have area’s we can grow in all parts of our lives and anyone who thinks they do everything absolutely correct every single time or isn’t willing to take advice on board (whether you’re experienced with something or not) isn’t someone I’d personally want to be around.

That was the low.

Things have been on an incline since though.

I had advice and support from the Discord server, offers to help run content, and I joined one member’s Free Company. The one I’d previously been in had been around forever and despite having around 40 members total, there was only actually three of us who’d logged in in the past 60 days, we never played together. We didn’t have an FC House etc, and when I said I was looking to join a new FC an offer came in quickly that I took, that was Thursday, I’ve since had help to improve my gear so I’ve now gone from ilvl 439 to ilvl 480 (which wasn’t cheap I might add), and ran one of the story dungeons, all this from one individual (the FC I’ve joined has fewer members than my previous one, but their more active), though another player from the linkshell my FC companion invited me to also joined us for the story dungeon.  That left me feeling warm and fuzzy and its the first time since very early content back when I was on PS3 (ignoring my poor attempt at an alt back in July) that I’ve run content with people not from the Duty Finder.

Things went from nice to really great Saturday afternoon when a group of seven of us, from a combination of the “Chaos Casual” linkshell and the Discord channel’s Cross-World Linkshell got together to run level 80 treasure maps. I apologised at the start as I didn’t have any maps we could share, but three of the seven had plenty for us to run and we had some good luck in the dungeon that sometimes spawns when you use the maps, I got some valuable cloth (though I don’t plan on selling it, I have something else in mind for it) and a minion plus earned a good chunk of Gil from us running all of these maps over the space of about three hours.

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