bitparade: Advent Rising (XBox)

Why do poor games get released? Especially those that haven’t got some sort of license attached. This is what Advent Rising is, its not going to win any awards for its quality, no is it going to recieve sales due to being tied to a lucrative franchise like Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, so it beggers belief as to why Majesco would release it.

So where do these problems lie? Well where do we even beging to start? Controlling you character is extremely clumsy, with multiple actions assigned to the same button, the right analogue stick is used for targetting enemies rather than controlling the camera as is the norm, leavin the controls feeling muddled, broken and confusing. The powers you learn throughout the game cannot be used effectly while your using a weapon, leaving you to choose one or the other, leading to problems when a number of enemies are thrown at you by the games seemingly random spawn rate. Not to mention the poor camera and animation that often leaves your character looking like someone with a severe case of epilepsy.

The colour pallette of the game is so reminiscent of Halo, that Bungie should look into filing a lawsuit, which, I suppose, is one way to say that Advent Rising offers nothing original from the rest of the Sci-Fi games that can be found on store shelves.

The biggest problem with Advent Rising is that it didn’t have to be this poor, the opening sequence alone promises something alot better than what is really on offer. You are docked into a space station with ab great orchestral score puimping out of the speakers. The ideas behind the game and a small portion of the games content show some potential, and the musical score is fantastic. But the way in which everything is executed is just horribly broken, plsus the gameis truly one of the ugliest to have appeared on Microsofts console and the fact the physics engine seems to have been removed will me
an any sort of excitement generated by the games opening is quickly diminished.

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