bitparade: Destroy All Humans 2 (XBox)

Destroy All Humans! gained popularity for its B-Movie inspired setting coupled with its Grand Theft Auto style sandbox gameplay and its foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed extra-terrestrial lead character, who went by the name of Crypto. Destroy All Humans! 2 should surely gain some fans then as its basically the same game, just set during a different era in human life, the 60’s rather than the 50’s, but it tries too much to stick to its original formula.

Is this the games failing though? It’s hard to say, Pandemic deserve credit for just how well they create these open-environment games, the previous Destroy All Humans! was perfectly enjoyable, as were Mercenaries and the Star Wars Battlefront games (which arguably aren;t as open environment as others but you’re still pretty much left to your own devices), and Destroy All Humans! 2 is no exception, as a stand alone game, rather than a sequel, it would be receiving the same sort of praise as the original game did, but again, as a sequel, it can feel a little forced and tired at times.

One way in which DAH!2 differs to its predecessor is that this time round Crypto is going on a bit of a World Tour, taking in the sights and sounds of Tokyo and London among others. This gives Pandemic alot of room to play with stereotypical humour based on the natives of each location and does lead to some genuine smile raising moments, if not a slight snigger on the odd occasion. Unfortunately, many of the scripted-responses are repeated time and time again, there really isn’t alot of jokes on offer this time round from your prey, the Human race. Due to this, it feels like DAH!2 was a quick cash-in on the success of the original and it hasn’t had the same amount of love and dedication from the developers that DAH! had.

Fortunately for Pandemic, these errors in the games humour doesn’t detract from the fun that can be had from the games actual gameplay, although due to very limited graphical improvements and pretty much the same structure to how the game pans out, it can feel a little confused at times, Destroy All Humans! 1.5 if you will.

Destroy All Humans! 2 then is a bit like those tins of Chocolates you get around Christmas, there are parts of it that you could class as the Hazelnut in Caramels (Purple ones) that everyone will enjoy, bland ones that tend to go when all the best ones are gone, and then the Orange Creams that tend to go last and leave a funny taste in your mouth that is only enjoyed by a minority. While playing it, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that if Pandemic had made this a XBox360 title, complete with online play and a longer development time, it would of been on par with the original game, if not better than it, but as it stands its a moderately enjoyable Swingin’ Sixities, World Travelling Hippy Abduscting Alien Romp.

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