bitparade: Disney Pixar’s Cars (PlayStation 2)

Disney Pixar’s Cars, game of the movie, is an incredibly difficult game to write about. Unlike most movie tie-ins, Cars isn’t actually a standard collect-em up platform. That would be a bit difficult to achieve considering the characters, nor is it a racing game, which is partially surprising, but at the same time not, as you wouldnt be able to get a feel for each of the characters.

The game is set in a sandbox environment, a little like GTA but without all the violence obviously, based on the setting of the film, they’ve populated it with all the characters of the film and thrown in a few basic races, mini games and some minor customisation. Add to that the fact that many of the original voice actors for the film have put their talents onto disc for the game also and you have a pretty tidy package.

Pixar’s films are famous for being just as much fun for adults as they are the kids, but sadly the games have never had that same feel, Cars is no different. It quickly becomes incredibly repetitive, the in game sound bites become irritating and it all feels like a cheap attempt to tick all the boxes for a perfect videogame cash in on the biggest kids film of the year.

This isn’t helped by the fact that the game has been made far too easy, there’ barely any need to break, and one could question whether you could get away with not steering, meaning its next to impossible to actually lose. This is all well and good as it means the kids wont feel like they’re struggling with the game (which is probably one of the major problems with society today, but thats not for bitparade to discuss). The game quickly becomes the modern day equivalent of a poorly executed interactive movie.

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