bitparade: George of the Jungle (Nintendo DS)

After being spoiled with the delight of playing Teenage Zombies, I was hoping for something similar from George of the Jungle, and quite frankly, even if I hadn’t if played Teenage Zombies first, George of the Jungle would be a great disappointment.

Theres a lot wrong here, first off, it looks and sounds like a Gameboy Advance title, such a shame when we know the DS can do really great loking sprites, it also sounds like a GBA game, again a disappointment after hearing the sort of sound quality the DS can output in games in like Elite Beat Agents. But worst of all is that it plays absolutely terribly.

George of the Jungle is a side scrolling platform title, but the characters movements are incredibly sluggish and it makes the levels presented to you unentertaining and tiresome. I find it doubtful that a man that lives in the jungle is as immobile and as slow as George is here, and its this that lets the game down most as theres some interesting level design here that could make the game mildly entertaining if only George didn’t move slower than a pensioner on market day.

Unfortunately this is the way of licensed titles, and after a recent output of slightly better licensed games (see Bleach: Blade of Fate as an example, albeit in a different genre), it seems that to really get the best out of a license the development team need to absorb everything about what it is they’re basing their game on, and it seems that that just hasn’t happened here.

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