bitparade: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Gameboy Advance)

Nintey-Nine percent of the British population have read a Harry Potter book, seen a Harry Potter film or played a Harry Potter game. Like Star Wars, the franchise is literally a license to print money. And similarly to Star Wars, the games to the franchise tend to disappoint in some way.

The Goblet of Fire, while not brilliant, does go some way to giving you an enjoyable experience. The game lets you choose from playing as Ron, Hermione or “The Boy Who Lived” himself, Harry as they quest through the plot of the book/film.

Theres very little difference between the DS and the GBA versions of the game, aside from the DS version having a few touch screen additions. Both are played via a top down action adventure engine in a similar style to games such as Smash TV on he Super NES, but in a less manically fun way. As you’d expect you get to explore locations based on the sets that appear in the film. With each area being a a large maze that you have to navigate the characters through and solve puzzles using your various spells. But don’t worry you don’t have to remember which ones do each action, as the game automatically selects the correct jinx or spell depending on the situation that you need to get through. By making spell casting this simple, EA have created a fun little title that is accessible to everyone.

However, as with most movie tin-ins, goblet of Fire has some flaws. To make the game as authentic to the movie as possible, EA have inserted character art for when somebody is talking , but due to the systems pixel created graphics, and the level of detail they’ve tried to put into the pictures, they tend to look a bit of a mess and some are difficult to tell who they are. This isn’t the only problem with the graphics either, as if it is played on a normal GBA rather than a SP you cannot see whats going on on most levels due to how dark they have set the contrast, although the games so dark I can see this also being a problem on the SP.

But Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fires biggest problem lies in its repetitiveness. You are constantly wandering around levels that look the same wherever you go. Puzzles are as simple as knocking a barrel out of the way or setting fire to a holly bush and in order to get everywhere you have to backtrack through every level to find new routes.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a fairly decent title that is only challenging to a 6 year old. Its a shame its good points are dulled by them leading to the games bad points, but its definitely a stepping stone towards a better game next time round.

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2 thoughts to “bitparade: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Gameboy Advance)”

  1. You know what I miss? Fully explorable Hogwarts castle and grounds Harry Potter games back in the day. I think the last one they did that with was Prison of Azkaban.

    1. My other half loved the PS1 entries and I could see their merits, the biggest being the explorable Hogwarts. I’m surprised they haven’t done more with that now we have so many open world games.

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