bitparade: Surge Deluxe (Vita)

Surge Deluxe, an update of PlayStation Mobile title Surge, is a “Match-3” puzzle game from Velocity Ultra developers Futurlab. The basic premise of the game is to connect 2 or more coloured blocks in order to eventually clear each screen and move on to the next one, all with under the pressure of being on a time limit. At the beginning of each screen you are presented by two walls of different coloured blocks, which have to be cleared in order to advance. You do this via the Vita’s touch screen and as mentioned previously, connecting two blocks or more deletes those blocks from the screen. A block can only be cleared if it has an edge that is accessible, the trick comes in connecting three blocks or more, which gives oyu a bit of added time aswell as a higher combo rating for your score.

The games main difficulty comes in doing all of this in time, getting a high score and avoiding the “pressure” mechanic building up rendering that particular run ending in a Game Over. The long a level lasts, the higher the pressure gauges on either side of the screen build, you can release some of this pressure, but that also requires removing blocks from the screen in order to free up space around the particular coloured valves. Do this on both sides of the screen and connect the two enables you to boost your score further by creating a chain of the same coloured blocks to delete.

Add in a bunch of power ups like combo blocks and a link block that enables you to combine another colour and theres all sorts of scope for ridiculously high combo’s, scores and a whole slew of tactics to discover, learn and apply to your game. thats the beauty of Surge Deluxe, its bright colours and memorable score combined with its instantly accessible gameplay make it friendly to just pick up and play, but the more you do so the more you’re rewarded with higher scores.

The highscore mechanic also forces you into a chase state of mind. Everytime you register a new high score, the next one on the global leaderboards to chase will be displayed on your next attempt at the game, pushing you on to climb ever further up and thus learning new tricks and techniques, its incredibly addictive.

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