Delayed #Horroctober Alan Wake playthrough – The Final Week

Okay, it took me longer than it should have to get here, but it’s here and it’s done!

Episode 6

New York, Two years ago, Alan awakes in his apartment, seemingly hungover, the screen pulses with white light. He takes some painkillers and puts on some sunglasses before pressing the play button on his answer machine. Barry’s left him a voice message, Alice has had a go at him for getting Alan drunk last night, he also reminds Alan to check his TiVo to watch the chat show he appeared on before they went partying. On the show, the host talks to Alan about his previous works, his current book and shares a story of Alan attacking some paparazzi. Alice calls out to him and he seems to try and pick a fight, assuming she’s still angry for him staying out later than he’d said he would last night, but she just tells him to go to bed. They also discuss getting away on vacation for a while once his book tour is finished.

Back in Bright Falls, Wake tells Barry, Cynthia and Sheriff Breaker that he has to go back to the lake and finish the story, they all offer to accompany him, but he tells them he needs to this by himself. He clicks the clicker, and when he goes outside daylight has broken, he wonders allowed if it’s the clickers doing before getting in a car and heading in the direction of the lake.

En route he repeatedly has to get out of one car, navigate blockages in the road, see of Taken and avoid the Darkness throwing stuff at him before getting in another car and continuing his journey only to have to repeat all of this, with the attacks intensifying as he gets closer to the lake. Once there Divers Island is gone, in its place is a tornado full of shipping crates, school buses and boats that the Darkness keeps trying to throw at him. Nearby is a box full of flare guns, he picks them up and fires them into the centre of the tornado. After 3 or 4 flares have gone off the tornado turns into a bright light before vanishing and Alan throws himself into the lake.

He wakes up on his sofa back in his apartment in New York, Alice is with him, she tells him he’s been having a bad dream, but then her voice distorts when she says everything is fine. He tells her to turn the lights on, but she ignores him, instead asking him to come to bed with her where she’ll make him “forget about his fear of the dark”. Confused, Alan replies that it is she who is afraid of the dark, but instead of joining her, he goes to look for his clicker. He finds it on the coffee table, Alice is stood nearby, he shines his torch on her and she disappears, when he clicks the clicker Thomas Zayne appears in his diving suit, telling Wake he needs to get back to the cabin.

Alan then finds himself on a patch of grass, darkness surrounds him, words describing items fill the air. When he shines his torch on them they act the same way as the Taken had done, except when the darkness around them bursts with light, they take on the form of the items the words were describing. A payphone rings, the voice on the other end is Alan’s, it tells him to “follow the idea of a path”. Alice’s voice speaks to him from the air, she tells him she’s leaving him, he pleads with her, telling her she is his muse. Zayne’s voice begins to talk, shouting “you’re not my Barbara”, Barbara tells him to untie her and let her go, but he grabs a knife and cuts out her heart, saying it’s full of darkness and that he should never have “written her back”.

Eventually, the cabin appears, inside stands the veiled-woman, Barbara. Alan stabs the clicker inside her, clicks it and light pours out her eyes and mouth before she is destroyed, vanishing.

He kneels in darkness, he can tell Alice is close by, but he has to sit at the typewriter and finish the story.

Alice begins to sink beneath the water in the lake, Alan jumps in after her, night turns to day, day turns to night, days seem to pass, then Alice swims to the surface, Alan isn’t with her, she calls out for him, but there’s no answer.

Alan sits in his room, in the cabin, continuing to type on the typewriter, he mutters to himself “It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean” whilst life seems to go on as normal in Bright Falls, the credits roll with Bowie’s “Space Oddity” playing over them.

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