Delayed #Horroctober Alan Wake playthrough – Week I’m not tracking them Edition

Wake and Barry find themselves in a jail cell, Alan remarks that the FBI agent had taken the manuscript pages, he tells Barry he needs to get out and talk to Cynthia Weaver because she saw what happened at the lake. He hears Agent Nightingale and Sheriff Breaker arguing, but then has another vision, though its a repeated one of Alice sinking to the bottom of the lake, and passes out. When he comes to, he finds the FBI agent pointing his gun at everyone and shouting hysterically. The agent then realises he’s read about all of this happening in Alan’s manuscript, reaches into his pocket to pull out a page, but before he can re-reading it the lights all go out and he is wrenched into the Darkness.

The Sheriff tells Wake to follow her to her office to get his things whilst she activates the emergency power supply, she then demands that Alan fills her in on what’s been going on, he tells her he needs to find Cynthia Weaver, she says she’s at the decommissioned power plant and that she can take him there, but they’ll need the helicopter to reach it. Though Barry has to stay behind, she doesn’t really explain why, but she does give him a list of people to phone, telling him to pass on the message of “Night Springs”. From the police station, we have to go to the Town Hall where the key to the helicopter is kept there.  Obviously, our way there is hampered by Taken, but Alan takes on the role of shining his torch on them whilst Breaker fires. Not because he doesn’t have a gun, nor because there’s a lack of ammo, far from it in this game, but because Breaker is a far better shot than the kidnapper was so I figure I might as well let her get that particular job done.

Keys now located, the pair head for the chopper only to find Barry has left his post. the Darkness launches a school bus at him but he manages to dash inside a building just in time. Now we have to rescue the moron before we can get to the chopper. Eventually, we reach Barry on the far side of the church in its car park. He’s wrapped fairy lights around himself “for protection, like garlic and Vampires”. The helicopter is on its landing pad at the fire department, so why is its key kept at the town hall? Breaker reckons she needs a while to get it started up, there are loads of batteries, ammo and gas canisters around the area outside the fire department, which means I’m going to have to fight off waves of Taken. There are three waves overall, with the Darkness throwing stuff at me in between them. Once Alan makes it through this, Breaker calls for him to jump in the chopper and they make for the power plant. However, they’re attacked by swarms of crows and through Breaker having to battle with the controls to keep the craft in flight, Wake is thrown out, though luckily for him they were close enough to the ground for him not to get hurt. He does lose almost all of his stuff though, again. Breaker and Barry fly off, leaving Alan on his own to make his way to the plant on foot.

The main obstacle is a turntable bridge, once activated it doesn’t stop rotating, so Alan has to time moving off once it reaches the side or he’ll fall to his death, this is made more challenging by more crows swooping down and constantly attacking him. In the control room on the other side, there’s a TV with the next episode of “Night Springs”. They’ve all been odd, but so far easy to describe. This one though centres on a pair of women who go into a basement to look at a kind of wormhole in the wall, whilst studying it, a man appears, he says he put everything in the room except the wormhole, but placing the two women there was a mistake as it’s left him unable to create, and so he tells them to leave. Fuck knows what that was all about.

Once Wake reaches the plant he finds Cynthia Weaver in a brightly lit room, she says she’s been waiting a very long time for him, she says that the thing Wake needs to defeat the Darkness is in the “Well-Lit Room” at the dam, but first Wake has to kill the power in the yard as its draining power from “the pipe” that leads to the dam, and if the power goes there, then the lights go out and Weaver won’t take Alan there.

On their way to the “pipe”, Cynthia tells Alan she had a crush on Thomas Zayne and she was kind of glad when Barbara had her accident, but after that Zayne begun to write, which awoke the Darkness. He tried to bring Barbara back from the dead by writing about it, her explanation of these events sounds very similar to what Wake has been experiencing, she then adds that Zayne left her (Cynthia) behind to prepare the Well-Lit Room and await Wake’s arrival to bring about the end of the story as they’ll then all be able to escape the Darkness.

As they walk through the pipe towards the dam, Alan called Barry to tell him where they’re going, partway through the call Barry starts screaming and the pipe shakes like something hit the ground above real hard. Alan tells Cynthia he has to go and save Barry and Breaker, this angers her but she’s not strong enough to prevent him from going, instead, she tells him to meet him at the dam if he makes it that far. He climbs a ladder to the surface and see’s the helicopter crashed and aflame in the distance. He makes his way to it, fearing the worst, but there are no bodies once he reaches the chopper. In the distance flares begin to go off, he follows the light and finds Barry and the Sheriff fighting off Taken. Once they’re taken care of, the trio makes their way to the dam, Breaker and Barry manage to get in through an entrance at its base, but Wake has to take the scenic route (but of course he does). Once he reaches the top the Darkness begins to literally throw everything at him and all he can do is run for it, climbing obstacles in order to make his way to the far end of the dam where he finds Cynthia, Sheriff Breaker and Barry waiting for him in an elevator. They take this down below the dam to a vault, the Sheriff comments that this was built around the time of the Second World War, inside are hundreds of lit bulbs, a box sits on a table in the centre of what must be the Well-Lit Room, in the box is a manuscript page, but it’s not written by Alan, it’s from Zayne, describing Wake’s childhood, and in particular, the story he shared with Alice about how he was scared of the dark as a child and how his mum gave him a clicker to help him overcome his fear, it just so happens that the clicker is in the box too.

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