Final Fantasy XIV: A Beauty Reborn

This has gone out much, much later than my usual Sunday update. This is purely because I didn’t get on to FFXIV on Saturday evening, the past few days have been a struggle, mentally, the best way I can describe how I’m feeling is that any and all noise has been exhausting. I’m not sure why I’ve felt like that, though the fact we spent most of the week with all five of us (plus the dog) in one room whilst work was done on our bathroom probably contributed, but by the time everyone was jumping into Eorzea on Saturday all I wanted to do was lay on the sofa reading on my tablet. I still feel a little exhausted. So, I’ve spent the week slowly catching up with where everyone else has gotten to, though I think people are beginning to fly through the quests at a pace that I certainly wont be able to keep up with in one night and I’m concerned about neglecting my main and also burning out.

I have another problem, my notes are pretty much ineligible! My handwriting is poor at the best of times, but these notes are worse than a doctors handwriting! So, we’re literally relying on my memory here, that’s not a good thing. Last week I pretty much finished off by completing Haukke Manor and also by unlocking the Black Mage job and as we start things I’m a little way off being able to pick up the next Job quest.

There’s rumblings that the Kobold’s are harnessing the power to summon their Primal, namely Titan. They wish to expand their territory and feel that Limsa Lominsa have betrayed details of a treaty made between them, Titan is their means to overcoming this. Obviously the Scions can’t allow the current balance of power to be disturbed and using a primal to gain an advantage is heavily frowned upon, so its up to your hero (me) to solve this. Problem is we know little about how to defeat Titan, his last known appearance was dealt with by the Company of Heroes (no, not those ones) who have all but vanished into the Aether. I’m led to believe that one is hiding out La Noscea, though he’s just a drunk who tells stories of “Tidus” (no, not that one). Anyway, I begin to track a bunch of other people down that claim to have been members of the Company of Heroes, they all get me doing a variety of little jobs for them, culminating in Wheiskaet in Costa Del Sol (*sigh*no not that one, this one, though rather than being nice and sunny, its pissing it down with rain, which sums up a lot of my experiences of going on holiday as a kid). Wheiskaet is preparing a feast, he says its in my honour as a slayer of primals, and am sent to a few different locations to collect ingredients. This leads me to the next dungeon, a goblin by the name of Brayfox is expected to deliver cheese, though Brayfox was supposed to be delivering said culinary delight himself, he needs me to rid his home of a flying beast, and thus we enter Brayfox’s Longstop and defeat Aiater, a dragon that’s been causing the issues.

This done, the banquet goes ahead, though its all been a bit of a ruse. Whats actually happened is that the various members of the Company of Heroes have actually been testing me to see if I hold the qualities they feel are needed to best Titan so that they don’t have the guilt of sending another adventurer to an early grave on their conscience. Evidently, I meet these requirements and the next stop is to face the primal himself. Once he’s defeated, other things begin to develop, its revealed that Lahabrea is working alongside the Garleans, though as Y’shtola notes, we don’t really know what their overall goal is. Though things are going to get far worse, very soon.

As I return to the Waking Sands to report back to Minfilia, there’s a horrible silence about the place and bodies litter the floor. In the solar I find Noraxia (a Sylph) barely conscious, she says she’s happy to see that I’m safe and then somehow uses the Echo to show me what had happened. It would seem that the Garleans, stormed the Scions’ headquarters in an attempt to capture me, Minfilia refuses to give over my location and asks the Imperials to spare everybody else and take her instead. She’s captured and taken into custody alongside Urianger, Papalymo and Tataru, thankfully the other “key” members are scattered elsewhere. With her dying breath the Sylph urges me to seek refuge at the Church of Saint Adama Landama near Camp Drybone and work on rescuing Minfilia.

So, that’s my next destination sorted, once there Father Illiud offers me refuge and tasks a man by the name Marques to see to my aid. Before long Alphinaud appears at the church, he suspects that Marques isn’t who he says he is. Father Illuid tells us that he arrived at the Church having lost his memory after the Battle of Carteneau. Alphinaud suspects the man’s real name is Cid, a master engineer that had gone missing after the Calamity, Marques has a strange reaction to this revelation and appears to gain some element of his memory back, especially at the mention that he owns an airship that Alphinaud feels will be integral to the remaining Scions’ rescue attempt. Illuid had been keeping some tools that he’d found on Marques person and presents these to him, and that folks is where we leave the Main Scenario Questline for now.

During all of this I also pick up my level 35 Job quest, which tasks me with merely killing some enemies and receiving the spell Freeze. I’m still just basically switching between Blizzard I, Fire I and Transpose, but I have more than one Hotbar’s worth of other skills that I could be using but just don’t know what my rotation should be, any guides I find seem to focus purely on Lvl 80 Black Mages and what your final rotation is, but its a bit weird standing there just casting Fire I until my MP has nearly depleted, then using Transpose to switch to Blizzard Ito replenish it before using Transpose to switch back and using Fire I again, especially when I have other, stronger versions of both Fire and Blizzard in my arsenal. Plus I have other spells such as Scathe, Manaward and Swiftcast that I don’t know the best situations to cast.

Lastly, I unlock a few other gameplay elements. I can now use Figroll (my Chocobo) in battle, they they’re not a high enough level yet for me to be able to select their stance, so they literally just attack. I also unlock the Aesthetician, meaning that, for a fee, I can change certain aspects of my appearance and lastly is the optional dungeon Cutters Cry, though I can’t do that until I’m level 38, I’m currently level 36.

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