Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Restarted

I’m going to making a few changes over the next couple of weeks, nothing drastic, but just shuffling stuff around, predominantly as my archived reviews will be coming to an end soon and because I want to write about other things. The main thing I want to begin to write about is Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve subbed to Square-Enix’s MMORPG since its PS3 beta, which I think was back in 2013, though I’ve not been a consistent subscriber for that entire time. I didn’t actually finish the base game, A Realm Reborn, until some time last year, then I flew through (by my standards) Heavensward and just over half way through it’s second expansion, Stormblood. With Shadowbringers still to go.

However, some time last week, within a Discord I belong to, there was discussion around Twitch streamer Neon_Genesis_ wanting to restart. I’ll post his feelings for you so you know where I’m going with this:

Hello Nation! I hope you’re all keeping safe and doing well!
I wanted to talk to you about an idea I’ve had for a while now.

Most of you have probably heard about this idea now.
As most of you know, I’ve some-what fallen a little out of love with Final Fantasy 14, so I came up with an idea to remind me how much I enjoy the game.

I wanted to start FF14 with a new character, from the beginning again. To feel noobie, and enjoy the game again.
My idea was to have the feel of the game to be different though, in a way of enjoying the game again, but in a different way, doing everything I can to make things feel different, since I’m NOT new to the game.

The idea is to have you guys join me as well.The game IS Subscription based, but you can play a FREE Trial up to level 35 to see if you enjoy the game. I want o encourage any curious about this game to give it a go. It IS CROSS PLATFORM On PC and PS4. You CAN use Controller or Mouse and keyboard on either platforms.

Let me know by clicking to Corresponding answer.
Cross for NOT A good idea, and Tick for YES Good idea.

Things to make it feel different for me include:

– Using Mouse and keyboard (I normally use controller and cant play MMO’s with Mouse and keyboard)
– Choosing a different race and sex to what I normally do. (I’m normally male and a Lalafell) (A dwarf if your new to FF14)
– A different Server or/and Datacentre
– Playing a different role/job I’m normally play (I’ll probably choose something I enjoy, but not good at)

Let me know what you think to this idea, by reacting to the message, with the corresponding answer.(edited)

I have some side Challenge I was thinking of doing as well, to help with making this more of a challenge for me, that includes:

– No outside help from any high level players/friends/People sending you Gil or armour. (I can receive letters, I just can’t claim gil/armour from them)
– No purple (Aetherial, rare) armour from Dungeons, Only using armour given from quests/job quests or from the Market board.
(Basically only white gear, If I use Rare/Purple/Untradeable armour, it MUST be for Glamour purposes ONLY.)
– Cannot Boost Character Or Story
– No Materia put on any armour, Until at least level 50+

The decision was made to restart on the Behemoth server on the Primal datacenter.


Now, despite only finishing ARR last year, seeing as it took me six years to get to that stage, but that in that time the players I started with have moved on to other things and everyone else on my friendslist are all at varying stages of the game, it’d be fun to jump back in at the start with a bunch of others. I’ll state though, that this is my alt, Reii Tali on Moogle server is still my main. The idea with this one is that we all jump on between 6 and 9pm on a Saturday and do our best to stay at the same stage of the game as everybody else.

So, if you’ve read that quoted piece above, Neon_Genesis_ has set himself a few rules, mine aren’t quite so strict. Reii is, and always will be a Dragoon, I’ve started other jobs over the years but never really done much with them, I’m happiest with her as a Dragoon. I wanted to be something different with my new character, so have tried to be as different as possible, though I’ve wimped out in one area. I’ve never, ever played Tank or Healer in an RPG, well, this is my first and only MMO so I’ve never had the opportunity to do so before. Anyway, I was on the fence about trying those roles out, the community from my experience has always been helpful to new Tanks and Healers, but, well, I’m not sure I have the patience or attention span to lead a dungeon/raid and generally speaking my home situation means I can be easily distracted (either by the kids needing my attention or the dog being a dickhead) so ruled out a healer. Reii is a melee DPS so I figure ranged was the way to go.

That left me with:

  • Archer (Bard)
  • Thaumaturge (Black Mage)
  • Archanist (Summoner)

From there I chose not to go with Archer (which leads into Bard when you get to level 30) as that starts in Gridania, which is where the Lancer (Dragoon) Job/Class begins its journey. I also ruled out Archanist (Summoner), purely because Reii spends a lot of time in Limsa Lominsa when not adventuring (it’s where I choose to go to access the Marketboards, Retainers and Inn’s purely because that’s where the main quests for the Fisher gathering job are picked up and I like its nautical setting), that ultimately left me with Thaumaturge which eventually leads into Black Mage, which is cool, what with its explosions and all.

Now, for my actual character. Reii is a Miqo’te, a cat girl, FWIW I usually play female characters, no particular reason other than I genuinely like playing dress-up with them (my PSO2 character is a female Newman), so it had to be a male this time. I wasn’t going Cat Boy as I’d done that race, however, I have kind of cheated. In Shadowbringers they introduced two new races, the female only Viera, who are generally slim, tall, leggy creatures with rabbit ears, and the Hrothgar, which resemble the Ronso from Final Fantasy X but are apparently their own thing. The dudes are normally big and muscular, the complete opposite of what I normally play, even if they are big giant cats, so that’s what I’ve gone with, he’s called Cryspi Wonton.

Now, as I’ve been playing the game for a long time, I had a lot of mail containing items such as gear, mounts and minions waiting for me, so as soon as I could I changed him out of his starter garb and into the threads above, that’s Squall Lionhearts jacket, Zidane Tribals trousers and Cloud Strife’s boots. That saw me through till level 5 when I had to equip other gear in order to continue with the Main Story Quests.

Once that was all sorted, it was time to get started on the story.

As things stand, not a lot has happened. Our characters have all made their way to their starting cities, on the way meeting a set of white haired twins (those who aren’t new to the game know who they are) as we journey along in a wagon pulled by a pair of Chocobo. A travelling merchant introduces us to the world, mentions tensions between those who rule UI’dah and the local beast tribes such as the Amalj’aa, we’re stopped by a group of the latter and have to see them off, once that’s done, we continue the journey and eventually arrive at the city where the trader bids us farewell. I run around a bit, do the odd quest that introduces me to the mechanics, take on my first few job quests, slay a few beats and tick them off my Hunting Log before I get my first bit of plot development.

A noblewoman, Lady Lilira, has run away and I’ve been tasked with searching for her. I track her down beneath the Sultantree and she’s with a man who she seems to know, however we’re attacked, and in order to protect her I join forces with the man who’s got a bit of a sarcastic tongue on him, this dude tells me his name is Thancred. The beasts are defeated but I begin to have visions and there some strange prophecy stuff that I can’t remember as I type this up. Anyway, once I’m allowed to continue, its just a matter of chipping away at the levels, I reach level 10 as the event period ends and we all decide to pick up where we left off next Saturday.

Numbers wise, quite a few of us either restarted or joined the game for the first time. There was five or six of us in Ul’dah at one point, with a further nine or so in Gridania and I think there may have been one other in Limsa Lominsa, the stage of the game we’re at we’ve not all managed to join together, and there’s limitations on how many friend requests you can send out in one day so I only have the Ul’dah group at the moment, though apparently we already have a linkshell (I couldn’t get an invite as I don’t currently have the owner of it on my friends list), so plenty of stuff to tick off next week.

Now, for a little admission. I actually made my character on Friday evening and spent a little time with him, so was actually ahead of some of the others by the time the event actually started, this was down to a misunderstanding on my part (though I wasn’t the only one to do this), anyway, I’ll be streaming this on my Twitch channel on Saturday evenings, though due to how things are I don’t use voice comms, but you’re more than welcome to watch. There’s a few of us who will be streaming it, namely Neon_Genesis_ and AmiPlays, but here’s the 2 hours I spent as part of this event last night for you to watch.

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