Final Fantasy XIV: La Voyage dans la Lune – Or my crackpot made up version of what to expect from Endwalker.

So, in discussing the new trailer etc for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker a few things have happened. The first is that I’ve dusted off my PSP to play through Final Fantasy IV as fans of the series that have played more entries than I have pointed out some things the Endwalkers trailer has in common with the first of the SNES releases (Being on the moon and the Warrior of Light ditching the Dark Knight garb he wore in the Shadowbringers trailers in favour of Paladin gear).

The other thing was me going off the rails a little bit and having fun with a theory. When I saw the official artwork I thought “that looks like something else”, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what, then, in one of the Discord servers I chat in, another user mentioned they thought they could see a face in the moon in said artwork, and then it clicked why I thought it looked similar. The artwork shares resembles that famous image from Georges Méliès 1902 short movie La Voyage dans la Lunes, in which some French scientists fire a rocket to the moon, meet some weird dudes up there, fight off some evil-doer and then return heroically to Earth. If you want to watch the film, it’s only like 13 minutes long, I’ll even include it here for you.

Anyway, to my theory. As I’ve said, once someone mentioned they could see a face in the moon I immediately thought of the above film, though I’m not sure I can see the face myself but the positioning of the rocket that’s heading to the moon in the Endwalker logo, despite coming from a different angle, reminded me of the moon in Méliès’ movie.

But my imagination began to get the better of me, and as I watched the film, for the first time since watching it after seeing Martin Scorsese’s love letter to old movies “Hugo”. Screenshots are taken from my phone, but I think you’ll get the gist.

Things all start off in Ishgard, after all, its the home of the Astrologian Guild and the Skysteel Manufacturers, though the latter will also have approached Cid and the Garlond Ironworks for help. Having been exposed to other-worldly technology in the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse story-line, the Dwarf tribes of The First share their knowledge with the Warrior of Light and the combined efforts are utilised to build a rocket to the moon to stop Zeno and Fandaniel from bringing about another Umbral Calamity.

The so-called “Rocket” is constructed, though it’s not a rocket per-se and more a huge cannon that will fire the forever put-upon Warrior of Light to the moon in a giant bullet, this part was Alphinauds idea,

As ever, Alphinaud is very, very good at coming up with jobs he gets the other Scions, and in particular, our plucky Warrior, to do and this one is no different. Alisae, in a surprising turn of events, actually sides with her brother and supports him in his madcap plan to put her friend into the giant cannon, conveniently, there’s enough room for the Warrior of Light, Thancred, Y’shtola and (unfortunately) Urianger, but not the twins (who will now have new outfits that are a bit of a call back to their A Realm Reborn ones).

The four Scions are then fired into the sky as Eorzea (and in particular the House Fortemps) look on.

Yoshi P has, from my understanding, confirmed that there is a city up on the moon, and we already know within the story that the Garleans created a moon prison for Bahamut, but maybe we’re going to draw upon other elements of Final Fantasy lore and that’s its small fascination with Mist (IV has a town called Mist and IX has major plot-points involving mist for which it also has a continent that is also called the Mist Continent). It’s mainly my love for Final Fantasy IX that comes into play here. On the moon is an area that is covered in roots and thus the moon has an atmosphere (which is also how the Warrior of Light in the trailer can be without a helmet), but there’s also something that resembles IX’s Iifa Tree.

Here is where we find Endwalker’s other Beast Tribe, we already know what one looks like (a kind of elephant looking creature), but the tribe on the moon all wear stripey garb and have white spikey hair, I’m kind of picturing a Jack Frost/Judderman kind of thing personally.

Then, ultimately, we find both Fandaniel and Zenos hiding away up on the moon, I’m not here to write out the finer points of the plot, just the key events. Anyway, La Voyage dans la Lune also gives us a quick hint at what the unknown DPS job will be, now admittedly I can’t think how this would work with the mechanics of the game we currently have, nor with the confirmation that the new melee DPS job will use Dragoon gear (or Maiming gear), but again, I’m not ironing out the finer points, I’m just having a bit of fun and going a bit crazy with this stuff.

So, we find Zenos on his thrown, acting all pouty and whatever, you know, like he does, anything to make the fanbase swoon after him. The Warrior of Light, having apparently killed him once before and performs some kind of wrestling move on him, the Legatus of the XIIth Imperial Legion then disappears in a puff of smoke leaving us to then take on Fandaniel in a battle that remixes ABBA’s “Fernando” with some epic Uematsu orchestral score.

I think it’s worth closing by stating that I’m not at all serious about any of this and that this was born out of thirty minutes of me having fun with one little idea. However, if any of this happens in Endwalker, then you know that Natsuko Ishikawa (the lead-writer of Shadowbringers and confirmed to be involved with Endwalker) has read this blog and I may have to launch a GoFundMe to get some help in claiming my royalties.

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