Final Fantasy XIV: Midweek homework

So, Saturday evening I didn’t quite get to the same stage as most of the rest of the group who have rolled new characters over on the Behemoth server. The majority had boarded airships and reached the first dungeon. That was my goal for the week so that I was at the same starting point when Neon_Genesis_’s event kickstarted again on Saturday evening.

I left things just ahead of attending a banquet celebrating the successful reclamation of the Sultana’s throne, but first, I need to learn of the correct protocols so Owyne sends me to speak to Momodi in the Adventurers Guild. She tells me the only thing I need worry about is that I wear the correct earrings, these are given to attendee’s and act as proof of invitation and thus a security measure, she says that Serendipity in the Goldsmith’s Guild has crafted them and I need to fetch them from her, so off I go. Now, this bit did annoy me, I speak to Serendipity only to find that the earrings are in a box and this box can only be unlocked by Momodi, so I have to go back to the Adventurer’s Guild, it’s a bit of bloat that’s seriously not needed and its only the fact I can use Aether Shards to zip about the city that stops me going on a proper rant.

Anyroad, Momodi opens the box, I equip the earrings and head to the banquet. There, whilst everyone partakes in the festivities, Raubahn approaches me, he tells me of Ul’dah’s woes, that it may look prosperous but its children are starving. As we talk, a crystal I have upon me begins to glow, Raubahn tells me of the Warrior’s of Light and it seems this crystal has sparked memories of the legendary figures, though whilst he relates his story, I pass out. When I come too, I find myself in a bed at the inn with Momodi watching over me, she informs me that Raubahn wishes to speak to me once I feel well enough to do so.

I find Rauhbahn stood outside the Hall of Flames, he has a job for me to do, he says its been five years since the Battle of Cartenau and he wishes to mark the occasion by inviting the other members of the Eorzean Alliance to a remembrance service. This is the task he wishes me to complete, I’m to travel by airship to Gridania and Limsa Lominsa and pass on the invites to his companions in those cities. I board the airship and can’t help but think of Lindblum in my Final Fantasy IX playthrough. Whilst I make my way to Limsa Lominsa we get introduced to the big bad of A Realm Reborn, or at least a few of them, as we see Legato Nael van Darnus arrive in Garlemald, we also see Nero tol Scaeva, who tries to show just how bad he is by picking a fight with an engineer and then cutting him down with his ridiculous sword.

I arrive in Limsa Lominsa, which is home to my favourite gathering class, Fishing, but I’m not here for that right now and will come back to begin that journey at a later date. I’m immediately taken to speak to Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, she tells me a little of the issues that plague Eorzea today, namely the insistence of the Beast Tribes in calling upon their primals, she then accepts my invite and I’m set on my merry way to Gridania.

This is where I originally began my journey through Eorzea on my main, Reii Tali, on the Moogle server. I’m allowed to make my own way through the city this time and it occurs to me I need to attune to the Aetheryte Crystal here, this will allow me to teleport to Gridania any time I want (provided I have the funds, but it’s not expensive to teleport in FFXIV). One thing I always note when I visit here is the music, there’s a particular bit that reminds me of the Shire in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, it probably also helps that Gridnia looks a little like the sets in those movies.

Kal-E-Senna is the Elder Seedseer of Gridania, she states she’s pleased to hear I’ve learned of Eorzea’s conflict with the Garlean Empire from Raubahn and Merlwyb and gladly accept Rauhban’s invitation, with that all done I’m rewarded with a Wind-up Airship minion, though I currently use the Moogle minion I got from all the mail I had in my first post. I’m then asked to head back to Limsa Lominsa as the landlord, Baderon,  of the Drowning Wench is looking for an adventurer. Once there he says someone has been sneaking in and out of Sastasha Segrot, he and Commander Reyner wish to recruit me to go and search the caves and find the culprit, I go and speak to the ferry skipper and they take me to Aleport in West La Noscea.

Before heading for Sastasha itself I partake in the training offered by the Hall of the Novice, these are seven quick and easy tutorials that offer Exp and some level 15 equipment, though I somehow fail the final exam and decide to just get on with Sastasha as its beginning to get late.

Sastasha is a cave system full of pirates and Scurvy Dogs though its final boss is a kind of lizardman which brings back memories of shows like Stingray and Masters of the Universe. I’m playing through this with randoms, I’ll hopefully get into the next few dungeons with a party of people from this whole restart thing this weekend, anyway, I’m met with a “Hi Green” from one of the party, referring to the sprout symbol next to my name that signifies that I’m “new” to Final Fantasy XIV (I can turn this off, but as I’m learning a new class/job it affords me a little more forgiveness if I’m not pulling my weight). It’s been a long, long time since I played this dungeon so I don’t remember any of it and literally just spam Fire and Blizzard when the party attacks anything, though I do have difficulty in remembering to use Transpose when I switch from one to the other, I did read what this does but I genuinely can’t remember (its something to do with the counter that appears on the right of my screen whenever I use a spell). Completing the dungeon actually leads me to go from level 16 to level 18, which in turn award me Fire II and Swiftcast, so I need to learn when and how to correctly use a whole bunch of other spells now as I also have Blizzard II and Thunder.

I head back to the Drowning Wench where a group of adventurers greet me. It seems I beat them to this particular quest, though they’re in good spirits about it and seem to wish me well. Baderon is concerned to hear of the involvement of “Fishbacks” in Sastasha though he thanks me for my work, my next quest is “Call of the Forest” which is the quest everyone else is waiting to start on on Saturday.

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