Final Fantasy XIV: Soul of a Black Mage

Another busy weekend on Final Fantasy XIV, I did stream it but I’m not going to be doing that in future as I don’t really have any viewers and I’m not one for talking over a game when I’m playing it, so there’s nothing really there for anyone and at least two others stream the event (Neon_Genesis_ and AmiPlays).

A few things are beginning to happen now, though its only the beginning seeds of the plot, and our hero (well, me) has spent a lot of time going between Ul’dah and Gridania. First off, whoever chose to place the Scion’s of the Seventh Dawn headquarters at Vesper Bay is an utter moron. I know its not a long trek from Horizon (the nearest Aehteryte Crystal) or that you can get a ferry from Limsa Lominsa, but considering how many quests start and end at the Waking Sands, well, you’d think there’d be a way to just teleport straight there. Eventually, things move on from there, and I don’t recall it being a problem after that on my main, but until then, well I have to take one of those two routes to get there (5.3 is supposed to include some ARR questline streamlining, but I think a lot of the “grind” could be removed just by including an Aetheryte Crystal at Vesper Bay).

We get the beginnings of the strains that Eorzea is under from the plot this week. The Sylph’s (a fairy like Beast Tribe that live in the forests surrounding Gridnia) have begun to show signs of paranoia, the Minfilia of the Scions and the Twin Adders of Gridania are concerned that they may follow a similar path to the Amalj’aa in Ul’dah and summon their own primal, the Sylph’s deity being thunder god Ramuh. The Sylph’s readily admit they’re beginning to be concerned of the intentions of the “walking ones” (I think that’s how they refer to humans) and thus Gridania, though its actually external groups separate of the capital that are causing trouble in the area. As things currently stand, there’s a bit of a stalemate, though the number of murders and various other incidents in the area does eventually lead me to both dungeons, firstly Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak and then, much later, Haukke Manor.

There’s also increasing tensions outside of Ul’dah. In the canyons outside the city is a settlement, Little Ala Mhigo, created by refugee’s that have been forced out of their home (Ala Mhigo) by the Garleans, though they haven’t been provided refuge in Ul’dah itself. Within the camp the younger refugee’s have grown impatient with their leaders, whom they feel are beginning to settle in their new location and are now too old and too comfortable to reclaim their lands. However, their attempts to steal crystals from the Amalj’aa backfire and Minfilia requests that I head over there to try and calm tensions between all three parties, which I do to some extent though there’s still something bubbling underneath.

Back to Gridania though, as both of those dungeons close, more Ascians arrive, they’re still taking an interest in my actions and there’s some inference that they are involved in the increasing tensions throughout Eorzea, though currently its not clear as to how or why they are involved. Minfilia, and thus the rest of the Scions are increasingly concerned, but as things stand, that’s where the plot has been left for this week.

As I’d now hit level 30, my next class quest had unlocked. One of the leaders of the Thaumaturge Guild, Cocobusi, had previously been possessed by a “voidsent” a succubus by the name of Mormo, who intends to attract and feed off of more people, particularly Thaumaturge’s due to their control over the Aether. Mormo defeated and Cocobusi returned to normal, two Lafallel arrive in the Thaumaturge’s Guild. I’ve essentially received all the training that the Guild can provide, the guild receptionist tells me of a prophecy being foretold by a Lafallel prisoner by the name of Ququruka and I’m sent to Highbridge in Eastern Thanalan to have a poke around. I’m approached by an Amalj’aa by the name of Kazagg Chah who hands me the “Gem of Shatotto”, which I show to Yayake. She’s shocked that there’s some truth to the prophecy being told by Ququruka, though a bigger surprise comes when Ququruka appears at the Guild, somehow freed from imprisonment.

He requests I visit him and his companion, Lalai, at Mivaneth Sacrarium. There though, Ququruka is in meditation, probably too busy for a lowly Thaumaturge who is only at the beginning of the journey into becoming a Black Mage, and thus my training is provided by Lalai who awards me the Soul of the Black Mage, allowing my to now take on the role as a job rather than my class of Thaumaturge.

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