Final Fantasy XIV: The journey to our first dungeon

You may remember last weekend, I started another playthrough style post, this time focused on me restarting Final Fantasy XIV along with a bunch of others and that, as a group, we’d be playing as these characters every Saturday evening, well week one was a huge success, and we all seemed to have returned for week 2 which is awesome. This week the goal was to reach the first dungeon Sastasha and many of the group had success reaching that, others didn’t, myself included. This was due to a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I was taking notes on what was happening plot-wise. I’m still undecided as to how to approach this particular weekly thing, so I basically write out the plot as I understand it? I don’t really want it to read that way, though it’s obviously important especially in such a big game and with so many recurring characters. I also don’t want it to be “I went here and did this” over and over again, so, it’s tough. The other reason I didn’t reach Sastasha was I got to hang out with one of the group who is completely new to the game, Noda Astral, who is playing Pugilist at the moment, and from what I can tell she’s really getting into the mechanics and lore that have been introduced so far, she also had Arata Kekkaishi helping her out (more so than I was). I’m also taking my time to read everything rather than just hammer the X button on my Dual Shock 4, I want this to be like I’m starting again and though I’ve found myself just spamming X on a couple of occasions, I’ve actually been trying to take everything in and remember it all, because even though I didn’t get around to finishing A Realm Reborn properly until some time last year, it took my so long to get to that point (literally years, as I keep letting my sub expire or I’d get sidetracked by other things) that I can remember hardly anything of these early stages of the story, plus I originally started in Gridania on my main (Reii Tali on Moogle Server) and have opted to begin in Ul’dah this time out.

This week, I didn’t do as much as I did last time out, a few new things were introduced, I reached level 15 and some background plot happened. The two biggest things that occurred were that I unlocked both Levemetes and Guildhests. Levemetes offer up a variety of side quests, they’re entirely optional but are good for levelling especially as they also offer up quests for crafters and gatherers once you’ve taken on jobs in those roles. Guildhests are something I was aware of but I’d never actually done before, they seem to offer up a small instance for Light Parties (four members), again, this is a good way of getting some EXP.

Now as I’m playing as a Thaumaturge I have a new mechanic I have to pay attention to, it’s not something I have to worry about on my main, but now I have to keep an eye on my MP, I noticed last night that when using Fire my MP would deplete really quickly, though Blizzard wouldn’t use as much up but it was also weaker. I asked in Neon_Genesis_’s Discord how I manage my MP, because there were a few occasions that I found myself just stood there unable to cast, and apparently I’m supposed to use Fire, then when my MP is low I change it up to Blizzard and it’ll replenish. I thought this was happening in the last story-based instance I did last night but wasn’t exactly sure why it was happening. Amusingly, this was kind of covered by the Lafallel in the Thaumaturge’s Guild, I was asked what I’d do if I ran out of MP, my response was that I’d twat the enemy with my staff (though not in those words), which disgusted Cocobuki who told me to use an Ether to replenish my MP, though the ones I have only give back 600mp and with Blizzard taking between 200 and 400MP and Fire taking far more, well, that won’t get me very far.

Story-wise, it feels like the groundwork is currently being laid down. I spent a lot of time running between Ul’dah and Horizon (the newest minor hub I can visit), and got to meet a few new faces by delivering letters to the likes of Drunken Stag, Fufulipa and Leofric. Between these we uncovered a plot to steal gemstones from the Copperbell Mines, though the conspiracy went further and involved a Captain of the Brass Blades of the Rose, Baldewyn, being at the centre of a scheme to steal the Sultana’s crown and thus harm her claim on the throne. When Sultansworn discovers the plot has been successful, he takes responsibility for this and asks me to accompany him on his journey to pay the ransom that has been demanded for its safe return. Though this doesn’t go smoothly, the item that the crown thieves have demanded allows them to raise an “undying army” apparently, reinforcements arrive and Owyne and I are outnumbered, though not for long! Papashan, who had been giving me quests last week from a train station in the middle of Thanalan, arrives in some rather extravagant clothing and he has men behind him. A solo instance begins and I’m tasked with helping defeat the thieves, they ultimately flee, Owyn and Papashan instruct me to head back to Ul’dah and inform Momoto at the Adventurers Guild whilst they give chase. When I tell of what has happened she is shocked, somehow Owyne has made his way back to Ul’dah already and requests to see me, he and Papashan are in the middle of thanking me for my help when the Sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo, herself comes into the room. She too thanks me for my services, and as gratitude presents me with an Ul’dahn Ring and informs everybody she is putting on a banquet in my honour, she asks the leader of the Immortal Flames, Rauhbahn Aldynn, to make sure I’m properly looked after.

This ultimately wrapped up the “Duty, Honor, Country” level 14 story quest, I roughly know whats coming up, mostly thanks to following Neon_Genesis_’s Twitch feed as I was playing last night, I’ll soon be able to use airships to go unlock Gridania and La Noscea and then it’s on to that first dungeon I mentioned above, I also need to catch up on my job quests as I think my current one is level 10 and I should have a level 15 one awaiting me upon completion of that, that would be my “homework” for the week. I’ll maybe have to do a blog post-mid-week, kind of like a patch if you will, to bring you and myself all up to date.

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  1. \(≧▽≦ )>* I have yet to play this online FF game, I used to play FFXI but never had the heart to pick up FFXIV. It’s nice to see posts about it like this, and the graphics look amazing; rooting for you to pick up job rank!!!(・∇・`ゞ

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