GT Sport: 2019 FIA Manufacturers Exhibition Series. Round 6: Nurburgring GP

Qualifying Position: 14th

What a dire race. It was just so uneventful really but I knew it was going to be tough in qualifying when I could only get one time out of my Medium tyres due to picking up a penalty when cutting a corner due to someone losing control and swerving across the track, the ghost didnt pick up in time so I had to go through via putting all four wheels beyond the track limits.

Onto the race itself, again, I was struggling with the tyres and up until the pit stop the only interesting things to happen were hanging out with a guy in a VW Golf with teeth, hanging behind a blue Toyota and keeping a French guy in a Peugot behind me despite my tyres being deader than dead. The rears were okay, and I cant comment on the other manufacturers but the Mercedes’ seem to chew up the fronts real bad.#

Anyway, my intention was to pit on lap 5, put some softs on and a dash of fuel, then pit again around lap 9 for some more softs and just try to do some fast laps, run my own race, try not to get involved in scraps and scrape some positions back. Then I accidentally selected hard tyres and was fucked, basically. For a few laps after the pit stop the Golf and I traded places but for some reason he fell really far back and due to my tyres and me trying to fuel save I just couldn’t close the gap to the Toyota that was in 12th. As I crossed the line to start the 11th and final lap my fuel tank was at 5%, I turned the engine the whole way down and just hoped I had enough fuel to keep position and reach the counter getting to zero as I knew I wasn’t going to be fast enough to do. I think the guys behind me were in similar shape as the gap stayed at 10 seconds for the whole lap.

Final Position: 13th.

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