Imagining the Past


I’ve just finished watching the above documentary and recommend you do too. There’s a couple of things (mostly that it sometimes uses its run time on non-Zelda stuff) I dont like about it, but as far as YouTube videogame films go its not too bad, especially as the narration is actually edited properly for a change. I often find YouTube videos are edited so the narrations are really fast with no natural pauses and its at that point I tend to switch off, so to watch the above was actually pleasing. I’d have liked it to be longer and go into more depth on the process of the game but what is there is entertaining enough.

It does raise one point though, and its something that members of a community I’m part of have discussed when looking through a list of the “Greatest Games Ever“. Are our memories of what we’ve actually played distorted to some degree? How do we class a game as being played? Taking Link to the Past as the example here, I’ve definitely played it, via emulation and on the SNES Mini, but I’ve never actually gotten very far, mostly because both methods offer so many other distractions and choices that I’ve never stuck it out. But I roughly know what happens and know its essentially the origins of the rest of the franchise up to Breath of the Wild. I even own the original SNES cartridge and begun it on that once upon a time (which I bought back when Gamestation were still around and were stocking retro titles). I included it in my list of the games that I’d played, but its also one that I feel guilty for never actually finishing, even though its rare that I stick any game out long enough to actually see the end credits roll. Normally getting my fill or being distracted by something else shiny before I reach that point.

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