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I initially set this blog up just for Monster Hunter and whilst the very first post was indeed saying I’d started the game I didn’t really post much about it, in the roughly 24 hours since I made that post I’ve already decided I’m going to branch it out into more of a general blog.

A few years ago I used to work for Blockbuster, right up until they hit their final administration in the UK and whilst my film knowledge was pretty good prior to that, mostly for a variety of reasons but mostly because I just love to watch movies, the catalogue of films I watched grew at a rapid rate and I prided myself on being able to discuss a variety of films both old and new with customers and giving them reccomendations, I even had a few customers who would come to me specifically after they enjoyed whatever I’d reccomended to them. There was a point where I tried to push near on every customer to give Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” a go, some loved it as much as I did/do, others were indifferent or it just didnt hit the right notes for them. My manager and I tried to increase our stores back catalogue of cheap older rentals by converting anything we felt should always be available to our customers from whatever stock customers would trade-in, much to the annoyance of our final Regional Manager who was more about pushing the big new releases whereas our previous Regional Manager saw the idea for what it was, additional (cheap) revenue that attracted more footfall to our store. Even so, and with having spent around 3 years in a dark little store sandwhiched between a Domino’s and a charity shop in a small town theres still a hell of alot of films regarded as classics that I havent seen and now I’ve decided to take it upon myself to watch at least one film a week. I’ve gone through IMDB’s Top 250 list and made a Page dedicated to films I havent yet seen, I’ll be perusing other lists over time and adding to it, so if theres a film not on the list, it doesnt mean I’ve already seen it (although I may have done so) it just means I’ve not added it to the list yet.

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