#NewMusicFriday: Week 12 2019

I’ve been posting tracks I discover on Spotify on my Twitter account most Fridays but I figure I could compile them each time into a regular post on here starting from this week.

So, without further ado, here’s Week 12 2019:

I actually didn’t really get much of a chance to listen to any music last week, so there will be some overlap for last week and this week.

Australian punk outfit Clowns released “I Wanna Feel Again” from their upcoming “Nature/Nurture” album


Next up we have “CM2” by BILK


Perhaps my favourite track on this post is “I don’t do drugs, I just sweat alot” by Bicurious, which was actually released back in February but there you go



New Pagans have released “It’s Darker” which feels really appropriate to post shortly after International Womens Day


And lastly “Mother’s Sons” from Melodic Hardcore group Defeater

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