#NewMusicFriday Week 14 : Circa Waves, The Heavy and The Dogs

I missed last week as there wasn’t anything on my Spotify Release Radar that I really wanted to share.

First choice is The Dogs’ cover of the Roy Orbison classic “I Drove All Night” (Cyndi Lauper released it first but it was originally written for and recorded by Orbison, his version wasn’t released until after his death). Heres the Norwegian bands cover

The band have actually released two albums this year, the first Before Brutality is well worth checking out, I’ve not listened to the new one (out today, titled Rid Me of Knives). Oddly theyre a difficult band to find much about, the only Wikipedia page about them is in Norwegian and googling their albums doesn’t bring up many, if any, English links despite the majority of their songs being in English and them supporting Bruce Springsteen of all people!

Next is The Heavy with their own unique sound that is a stewing pot of Rock, Soul, Funk and Blues, I absolutely loved their 2016 album The Hurt and the Merciless and if Better as One is anything to go by then their upcoming album Sons should be pretty fucking special

Lastly is Liverpool quartet Circa Waves, their new album Whats It Like Over There? came out today and is full of really, really good songs. It’s been hard to pick just one, I love Movies, The Way We Say Goodbye, Be Somebody Good and Saviour (which has more than a little bit of Led Zeppelin running through it) but the stand out track for me is Times Won’t Change Me.

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