Sea of Stars #1 – Jason Aaron, Dennis Hallum, Stephen Green, Rico Renzi, Jared K. Fletcher

Sea of Stars immediately catches the attention with its heavy use of the colour purple, and that striking appearance continues throughout the pages of this first issue, albeit other sharp colours come in to play. It paints space as this wonderfully colourful expanse that is wonderful to look at, not that you would believe it based upon the comments of Kadyn, the son of a space trucker who is aboard his fathers ship for his latest job and is apparently bored with a capital “Boo”.

His father tries to explain that he had no choice to bring him along with him, the job he’s doing required him to be away from home for too long for him to leave his “almost nine” year old son behind with one of the neighbours. Kadyn is of the belief he could have “baby-sitted” himself. Then heads off into the hold to look at the museum exhibits his father was tasked with couriering back to Earth after the museum they were being held in was damaged in a meteor shower. Kadyn just wants excitement, whether its seeing a black hole, exploding stars or “Quarksharks” and uses his absent mother (presumed deceased) as a crux to try and manipulate his father “Momma would let me.”.

Once in the hold and looking (and touching, despite instructions not to) at the exhibits, his father notices a large ship coming into range on the scanner and tries to open comms with them “This is Gil Starx The Star Ducking sailing the Porkchop Comet for the Intergalactic Parcel Service. I see you out there, Big Rigger. What’s your handle, come on back?” It’s this wonderful American Trucker language that really grounds Gil as a character, we now know he’s a single father, possibly a widower, and that hes been space-trucking for some time.

However there is no response and as the ship soon gets closer, its revealed its not a ship but a huge creature that decimates the ship and splitting father and son up, casting them off into space. Kadyn awakes to be confronted with two more strange creatures, who plan to eat him as they presume he is dead due to the condition of his “breathing suit”. To the surprise of all, it seems he can breath in space without his suit and he can also communicate with these creatures. One of whom still wants to eat him but the other states they can’t as their witnessing a miracle.

We then cut to Gil and his promise to find his son, somewhere in the vastness of space.

Sea of Stars essentially then, throws the reader straight into the action in this first issue, and along the way we are treated to some excellent visual design, the (now destroyed) Porkchop Comet is a wonderful looking craft with solar sails, who’s overall appearance is reminiscent of Chinese Junk ships, inside there’s blue neon screens with readouts dotted around with open views of the beautiful purple space outside, all this is offset by the bright orange garb the characters wear that allow them to stand out against the backgrounds, but its the page with what I’m going to call the Space Whale that really pop off the page, and its not until all the alerts are going off and the Porkchop is being pulled apart that the hues all change to dangerous reds and blacks and then ultimately the characters being cast off into space/eaten.

As the issue ends, theres the hint of something more, we’re going to learn more about why Kadyn can do stuff humans shouldnt be able to do and there’s definetly danger ahead for Gil. I can’t wait for issue 2 of this five part series..

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