The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

A couple of weeks ago, I happened upon the Twitch streamer AmiPlays, it was literally a link to her stream that had appeared on my Twitter time line. I’m not one for watching streams usually, I’ve given the whole thing a go myself but, well, I’m just not very good at talking. Anyway, like I said, I’m not one for watching streams, but Ami seemed to have a decent size number of followers and her regular community seemed welcoming and friendly, they also all happen to play Final Fantasy XIV, I joined her Discord server shortly afterwards and found the same sense of community there too.

Shortly after joining, one of the channels moderators, Simpika asked if anyone wanted to be invited to her Ceremony of Eternal Bonding that was to take place on 10th January 2020. I asked if they minded if I came along and they were happy to oblige despite me being a newcomer to the group.

For those that don’t know, Eternal Bonding is Final Fantasy XIV’s answer to getting married. For a fee, two players can unite their characters, they have a ceremony they can invite their friends to and also receive special commemorative items.

This particular wedding was between Sim Pika and K’linh Tia, both of the Free Company Rainbows & Sunshine on Moogle server. It was to take place at 9pm on 10.1.2020 at the Sanctum of the Twelve in the East Shroud.

Whilst awaiting the couple’s arrival and the beginning of the ceremony the guests all gathered outside the Sanctum of the Twelve, all showing off the gear, glamours and hairstyles we’d picked out for the occassion. I’d cut my characters hair into a very short style and paired it with a purple Best Man’s Jacket and black Ishgardian Thigh Boots. Many of us showed off our various mounts and there was much messing about when a large number of us summoned our Fat Chocobo mounts, including attempting to race them and getting them to hop at the same time.

Once the alotted time had arrived, we spoke to Etoinelle, whom allowed us into the venue itself.

Once everyone had rushed around choosing their seats (with Ami conducting things via her stream to try and get the guests seated dependent upon whom they were invited by, though I think tradition was broken by having the bride’s guests on the right side and the grooms on the left), the ceremony begun, lead by a Moogle who read out the ceremonial texts. As the ceremony progressed we were treated to a number of cut-scenes featuring the couple, including exchanging rings, before they both sprouted wings and took to the air to embrace and kiss each other. Even not knowing either party and being a new member of the community it was a really nice service.

Once the ceremony inside the church had finished we were again treated to a cut-scene of the couple, mounted on a white Chocobo, and once that had finished, we free to do what we wanted, most of us tried to chase the couple around the grounds of the Sanctum of the Twelve for a while before deciding, via chatting in Ami’s stream, that the best way to celebrate would be to teleport to Costa Del Sol for a spot of skinny dipping in the sea.

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