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By the time this is posted to Bar Harukiya it will have been over two weeks since the teaser trailer for the ninth main installment of the Star Wars franchise (titled The Rise of Skywalker) has been released. Here’s the trailer:

Here are my tweets immediately following seeing it:


Now you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m not excited, but I genuinely am. But I’m also disappointed. Why? Because it feels like the Fans who cried “Not my Star Wars”, the “Fans” who forced Kelly Marie Tran off her social media accounts, the Fans who originally forced George Lucas to sell the rights to Disney who then did a heel-turn and declared that he was the only one who could “save” Star Wars (despite Lucas only directing two good films in his career (that’ll be American Graffiti and Star Wars), those “Fans” have won. Disney have given in to a vocal group of people who decided that they knew better, that they should control the franchise as a whole and went on a campaign to destroy anything and everything related to The Last Jedi, those people were more important than actually telling a good story.

I love Star Wars, despite my above comments I actually do like the Prequels, despite all their faults, the biggest of which being Lucas himself, if he had written them and had someone else direct, as he did Empire and RotJ, I think we could have had 3 really good movies. But thats the past, this is now. I loved The Force Awakens, I adored its nostalgia trip and its high tempo, but I loved The Last Jedi too, I found its chase through space fascinating, that the Resistance being on its last legs, trying to escape and survive was an excellent arc to tell. It didn’t get everything right, but it never was going to and I felt despite all of the “Mystery Boxes” JJ opened up in The Force Awakens, Rhian Johnson did a commendable job of continuing the story. I liked that it continued right after the events of TFA, where we were left with hope, and that that hope was quashed as the might of the First Order showed that despite their grand plan Starkiller base being destroyed, they were a force to be reckoned with. It was a very good, in my opinion, middle to a three part story.

So I find it disappointing that, from the evidence shown so far, The Rise of Skywalker is more focused on remembering the past in the shape of Lando returning to the Falcon once again, that Rei now performs Darth Maul-esque acrobatics and that its confirmed that Palpatine will return in some form thanks to him laughing over the title of the film and Ian McDermind being in attendance at the reveal of the trailer.

Before I close though, I’ll repeat, despite my disappointment at the trailer and what I feel it represents, I’m still excited, because its Star Wars, and I love Star Wars.

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5 thoughts to “The Fans Awanken”

  1. Man the Star Wars fandom has run amok. I get your concerns with the series returning to the older movies. Personally, I feel the change in directors is one main reason for this. It feels disjointed in a way.

    1. It does feel disjointed. I’ve no real problem with nostalgia, but I’m more interested in seeing the new characters grow, the old guys have passed the baton on (in my opinion) and I’m worried that due to the response to Last Jedi that we’ll see too much emphasis placed upon characters who’s main story was largely told already.

  2. Interesting perspective. Arguably, the success of Endgame suggests when you make a film for a target audience that includes your fan base whilst expanding towards a new generation with the inclusion of Captain Marvel for instance there’s scope for success. Ep9 was a contentious film and the reaction was at least, a little spicy towards its fans. Correcting course and not deliberately alienating your fans can’t be all bad.

    1. I totally get where you’re coming from (although I’ve not seen End Game yet, my partners receiving treatment at the hospital all this week so we wont see it till next Tuesday), and think its fair, but also dependent upon the license and, in my opinion anyway and thats all this is, an opinion based upon very little information, there has to be a line drawn between giving the fans what they want and the writers having control over the story and I’m concerned that due to the mixed reactions to The Last Jedi, Abrams and Disney could easily go too far and give the fans too much power. Lets not forget that Empire was heavily criticised back in the day (before I was born admittedly) now its widely regarded as the best in the series by the vast majority of people and everyone who saw it at the time claims they loved it straight away. I do wonder if time will be kind to Last Jedi once the trilogy is completed.

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