#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough Part 15

Wow, Fifteen parts and I’ve still not made it to the end of disc two! Last week was the journey to Eiko’s home, which means we’ll now be arriving at Madain Sari, Village of the Summoners.

After leaving the Mountain Pass we have to traverse the World Map just a little, nestled away on the coast is the village of Madain Sari, Eiko’s home. The place looks like a complete ruin, though there appears to be a small army of Moogles living here. Mog has also arrived and after being reassured by Eiko that she’s not mad at him for running away (though to be fair, he was chased by Quina) he vanishes inside her clothing as Eiko says its safer for him there, she then sends the rest of the Moogles off to work.

Eiko tries to separate Zidane from the others, she wants him to tell her all about himself, Dagger watches on in amusement as he is bombarded with questions by the young girl. Though she then goes into a slight daze, Zidane thinks she might be jealous, but she denies this, it’s only then that they all realise that Vivi has wandered off.

Mocha arrives and tells Eiko he has finished cleaning, so Eiko announces she is going to start cooking and invites Zidane to eat at her place. Zidane accepts the invitation as he has a lot of things he wants to ask her (and hasn’t been able to get much of a word in otherwise) The group finds Vivi staring off over the sea, thinking to himself about all he had learned back at Black Mage Village, he has so many existential questions he needs answering, the most pressing of all being where he came from and where he goes when he dies.


Zidane finds Libra at the fountain in the centre of Madain Sari

Libgra was a perverse fellow.
He would always
walk in the opposite
direction of the sun.
Would he ever see Virgo?

=Stellazzio Story=”

Dagger seems to be giving Zidane the silent treatment, though an ATE then shows he wondering about Madain Sari and the summoners who had lived here. She says knowing she had eidolons inside her, like the summoners had, didn’t bring her any joy. But now that Brahne has taken them from her to be used as part of Kuja’s war machine, she feels like she’s lost a piece of herself. She feels that Maidain Sari feels familiar to her but doesn’t understand why.

Moco the Moogles stands guard outside a cave, he says its a restricted area, Quina arrives and complains that this place is only rocks and sand with no food, though the water looks clean, this prompts him/her to jump in for a swim.

Eiko is busy in her kitchen with a trio of Moogles, they’re preparing a meal for her “hero Zidane” who she appears to she wants to fend off Dagger for the attention of. She plans to get between the pair by cooking lots of food and showing Zidane that she’s a good homemaker. The Moogles seem to lack confidence in her cooking abilities though, which, she says, is why she’s enlisting their help. She has to decide which Moogle does which job, Momatose is sent to catch fish for the “Barbecue Fish”, Mocha goes to dig up potatoes for the “Rock Potato Stew” and Chimomo helps Eiko in the kitchen. Chimomo’s job appears to be put enough water on to boil to make enough stew for everyone. Eiko lists everybody’s names though she misses Quina, which makes 10 diners, though I instruct Chimomo to boil enough water for 11. Eiko then puts an Oglop into the water for seasoning.

Momatose snags a fish, it’s a big one, Eiko rushes to help reel it in while Chimomo continues to cook, its not a fish though, its Quina! Eiko thinks Quina is Kuja because of their white hair and strange clothes. Quina tries to correct her and tells her that Zidane is looking for Kuja and that s/he is called Quina. Eiko then remembers Quina chasing Mog, then introduces herself before whispering an instruction to Mog to never come out of hiding whenever Quina is around. Quina notices the food, commenting that it smells good, but informs Chimomo that the heat is too low on the water, s/he tells Eiko they need Vivi’s black magic to create more heat and then continues helping Eiko out in the kitchen.

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Zidane tries to enter the kitchen, but Morrison won’t let him until the food has finished cooking, and so he takes him to the Eidolon Wall. Turns out the cave that Moco was guarding wasn’t actually a cave, it’s actually an amphitheatre that contains the Eidolon Wall. Morrison instructs Moco to let them through, then tells Zidane that Eiko’s summoner tribe has protected the wall for generations, Zidane decides Dagger needs to see this and goes to fetch her.

Inside, the walls are covered in paintings of the Eidolons that the summoner tribe had discovered during their research. It’s considered a holy place for summoners and Eiko visits every day to pray to her ancestors, Dagger decides to stay here and study the mural some more, at least until Eiko has finished cooking anyhow.

Finally, the food is done and everyone sits down to enjoy the meal, Zidane comments that Eiko should open a restaurant. He then asks where all the other summoners are, Eiko replies that they’re all “sleeping the eternal sleep” and that she’s the last survivor of her tribe, she’s been living with the Moogles since her Grandpa died last year.

Ten years ago, four years before she was born, the village was hit by a “natural disaster”. The Summoners suffered a great deal. Her Mum and Dad fell in love and started a family, though they both died when she was very young. She believes she was left alone in the village to meet Zidane, her “beautiful shooting star” before she can continue though, Vivi finds the oglop in his stew, Eiko claims that they’re a Conde Petie delicacy, but everyone seems to be put off by the discovery.

Zidane helps Eiko take the dirty plates through to the kitchen, there Zidane asks Eiko if she knows anything about the Iifa Tree. She tells him they can’t get in as it’s been sealed with an eidolon. Zidane wonders if Eiko did this, she tells him it happened before she was born, the tribe sealed an eidolon they had failed to summon inside the Iifa Tree as it’s their custom to seal failed eidolons where the attempted summon had happened. Zidane wants Eiko to break the seal for them, though she refuses, calling him crazy.

That night Zidane finds Vivi alone, thinking to himself once again. He tells the little guy he should get some rest as they’re leaving tomorrow but Vivi tells him that he tried to stop worrying about things but he just can’t do it. He wants to be more like Zidane but finds it difficult. Zidane tells him that it’s simply because they’re different people and that he doesn’t have to do everything Zidane’s way.

“I want to stop…
I don’t wanna feel like this any more.” says Vivi.

Zidane tells him is boils down to two simple choices, either he does, or he doesn’t. That you’d think with all the problems in the world there would be more answers. It’s not fair, but that’s the way things are. The choice is Vivi’s, Zidane just wants to protect the people he is with, it doesn’t matter whether he can or not. That’s just what he believes in, Eiko is listening in on the pair and decide3s she “wants to go with Zidane”. Zidane then tells Vivi he has an age-old ritual that helps take a mans mind off his problems and then shows him how to urinate over the side of a cliff (or that’s what the game seems to be alluding to), its very nearly like the scene in Titanic where Jack teaches Rose how to spit over the side of the ship.

Next morning Dagger tells Zidaneshe wants to come back to Madain Sari, the Eidolon Wall scared her at first but the murals then began to soothe her. Zidane says they have to come back for Quina anyway.

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