#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 28

My memory card actually tried to tell me it was corrupted prior to me playing this week, thankfully I got it working again, though I’d actually had the game in sleep mode. I didn’t lose a whole lot of progress, it seems I’d last saved just prior to the fight against Ark. So, I re-did that, though it caused me more trouble this time around, with Zidane actually being wiped out for the majority of the fight!

Inside her cell, Eiko is screaming to be let out, Kuja quietens her by filling her in on Zidane’s task, though he’s not keeping to his side of the agreement. He says there’s an hourglass in the palace, as its sands fall, the floors of their cells will also open slowly, leading them to fall to their death if Zidane doesn’t make it back in time. I’m given control of Cid this time, its now his job to free the others by getting a key and getting access to the hourglass, both of which are guarded by a Hedgehog Pie. I’m given six minutes to sneak up on the creature in a game similar to “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” whereby I have to press the O button to gradually creep forward. Once I have the key I then have to place some weights on a set of scales in order to be able to reach the hourglass and turn it the other way around.

Sure enough, once I’ve done all of this, the doors to everyone’s cells open up. As I walk through the palace there are two statues, the one on the right holds something that’s glowing, apparently its a bloodstone. When Eiko inspects it she receives a Promist Ring and the statue stops glowing. There are three statues in the next room, two grey and one white, each has an inscription.

Left statue: “Promise of the Fool God.
The bloodstone is the source of his power. Each colour holds different powers.”

Right statue: “Truth of the Devil.
The bloodstone is proof of his power. Hide the light with your hand”

Central statue: “Illusion of the Goddess.
The path will open when the lamp is lit.”

I go left and take the stairs at the top. I light two torches, something happens on the opposite side of the room. Lighting the third torch opens a doorway where a stained glass window previously stood. Going through this and following the path brings me back out into the previous room but on the right side of it. I like all the torches here, but the window seals itself, so I undo the last three torches and go back to the room with the three statues. The central statue, a white angel, is slightly different, its eyes are glowing red which then reveals a pathway made of light. Taking this leads to a balcony overlooking the statues I got the Promist Ring from, there’s a candelabra here that I light.

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve had Quina in my party, so I take the opportunity to teach them some more Blue Magic by eating any enemies I come across, I think s/he learns 3 new abilities here, including Lv.4 Holy.

Back to the room with the torches, and after some experimentation I figure out what to do. Lighting all three on the left of the room, then only the bottom left torch on the right side of the room, allows me to access the centre of the room. I light the upper two torches in the centre, which completely opens up the room, then I light the remaining two torches on the right side of the room followed by the bottom-most torch in the centre, a bloodstone then appears and starts t glow. Examining it rewards Eiko with an Anklet

“Offering of Power.
Faithful paladin, extract magic from the chain.”

I exit through the new doorway that has opened up, this takes me to a corridor with two statues, one is lit, the other isn’t. I light the one that isn’t and another bloodstone appears.

“Offering of Power.
Faithful paladin, extract the strength to resist from the armour.”

The bloodstone gifts me Shield Armour. There’s a staircase at the end of the corridor and at the top is another candelabra which I light. Following the walkway leads to a library, lighting more candles reveals a staircase which lets me climb to the top shelf of the bookcase, another candelabra opens the shelving revealing a hidden door which then leads to the next bloodstone.

“Offering of Power.

Faithful paladin, extract the power to dodge from the bracer.”

This one gives me an N-Kai Armlet. Back in the library I climb to the central shelf of the bookcase and examine it.

“Wise Man’s Folly.
Unlit stained glass opens the path when lit.”

Lighting the candles here activates the mechanism in the bookcase, revealing another doorway, which leads to a staircase and more candles. I light these then head back to the library and light yet another set of candles which, like the others, opens up a doorway behind, I light the candelabra behind, and this opens up a stained glass window back in the library. When I go through that I meet Mogsom the Moogle. He’s not got any mail for me to deliver and I don’t have any for him which seems a bit odd. I use up a Tent and save as I’ve not been able to do so since Oielvert. More candles and another bloodstone await me in the next room

“Offering of Power.
Faithful paladin, extract the strength to resist magic from the hat.”

I get a Black Hood from this one, two more candles on the other side of the room and there’s another bloodstone, I’m sure these are more important than the gear they’re giving me.

“Offering of Power.
Faithful paladin, extract the power to dodge magic from the shield.”

This time I get a Venetia Shield, There’s one more candle here, lighting it lights up the picture above

“Dead Spirits Seduction.
Dare not to follow those of evil.
Strive to follow those of good.”

When I was lighting the candles in this room, the shadows on the Gargoyles on the wall would shift, I experiment a little with which ones stay lit and eventually a staircase appears in the centre of the room, I climb this and then light the candles at the top

Intruder alert.
Defense system activated.
Initialising automatic countermeasures.
Transferring from observation to attack mode.”

Eiko challenges the voice, which she identifies as not Kuja’s, to identify itself and a boss battle begins.

The boss attempts to activate the bloodstones, but this fails due to all of my pissing about lighting all those candles. Valia Pira has some serious magic, its able to cast Blizzaga Vivi only has Blizzara, it can also cast reflect on itself, making casting magic troubles. However, it’s not a difficult fight, it just takes a while as I’m using my weakest characters who can only really use physical attacks on it. After the fight I have to re-light the last set of candles, this leads to a beam of light appearing. I tell you what though, if we all had this home defence system then there would be no homes being broken into, it’d be a proper ball ache so no one would bother. Anyway, entering the light teleports the group “Elsewhere…”


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