#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 29

Zidane, Freya, Steiner and Dagger all arrive back at the palace with the Gulug Stone, from elsewhere Kuja states that he wants to speak to Zidane alone. Steiner says he thinks this is a trap and whilst Zidane agrees he sees little choice in going alone.

Inside Kuja’s quarters, Zidane is shown a cell in the middle of the room with Amarant, Eiko, Vivi and Quina inside, it looks like their escae attempt was a failure, though I see no sign of Cid. However, outside of Kuja’s quarters, those same four people teleport, startling the waiting Dagger, Steiner and Freya, Cid’s also there, so whats going on? Eiko asks where Zidane is and Steiner fills her in, Amarant, Vivi and Quina run on ahead, with everyone then following shortly after with Eiko bringing up the read. Unfortunately, she’s not quick enough to get through the door into Kuja’s room and it slams shut in her face. Zorn & Thorn had been hiding around the corner, but before we can see what they plan to do with her the screen fades and we’re taken back to the conversation between him and Zidane.

Kuja is demanding that Zidane hands the Gulug stone over, from off-screen Vivi shouts for him not to do so, the group burst into the room, then they all hear the commotion between Eiko, Zorn and Thorn. Whilst they are distracted, Kuja helps himself to the Gulug Stone and teleports out of the room before anyone can react.

The group decide to try and intercept him on the Hilda Garde I, for this I take Zidane, Steiner, Vivi and Amarant (the latter due to his Chakra ability as Dagger is still mute and Eiko has been captured).

I work my way back through the palace, thankfully I don’t have to do any of the stuff I had to do previously when I was in control of the B Team. Though this time I visit a room I missed before and inside is a Google called Mojito, he has a shop, which is a huge relief as my party have been using Auto-Potion every five minutes so they’ve replenished my resources. However, I’m wondering if something big is around the corner as that’s normally the case when I’m given a chance to buy new equipment. Mojito then asks me to deliver a letter to Mogsan, so I work my way back to him (maybe this should have been done earlier?)

You may remember from last week that Mogsan was a little unhappy that they hadn’t received any mail in a while, well, the little dude is delighted to receive Mojitos letter

From Mojito to Mogsam

According to rumours, Stiltzkin is on a quest to find out why Mognet stopped functioning!

I’m sure Stiltzkin will find out the truth, kupo.
Why did Artemician stop delivering mail”

It seems that most of this was a wasted journey as I took the wrong teleport after leaving Kuja’s room, so I take the correct one now that I’ve tracked back again and head for the Hilda Garde I.

Unfortunately, it would seem that I’m too late and it’s gone, Kuja onboard and everything. Cid declares that we should head for the Blue Narciss to give chase!

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