#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 32

Zidane is awoken by a soldier who tells him that Lady Hilda has called a meeting in the Conference Room. However, before I go I decide to check in with Mogki, I don’t have any letters for her but she does want me to deliver one to Kumool. I then decide that I’ll go and have a wander around Lindblum, but the only things I actually do in the city are craft some new gear at the Synthesist’s workshop and talk to Card Freak, who has a young boy following him begging to be taken on as his apprentice. I give the kid a couple of games of Tetra Master, he’s got some good cards and beats me 2-0!

Everyone is waiting for Zidane at the Conference Room, he’s a little confused to see a man stood before Cid’s throne, obviously he’s not been made aware of the Regent’s latest transformation yet. Anyway, Lady Hilda and Cid have gathered everyone so that Hilda can share what she had learnt whilst she had been captured by Kuja:

“Kuja plans to use this world as his means of acquiring and even great power. He indicated that he wasn’t of this world and that he calls his birthplace Terra.”

Terra obviously rings bells for some members of the group as it was mentioned rather a lot when they were searching for the Gulug Stone.

Prior to Hilda telling us all of this, Steiner had noted that the Princess wasn’t in attendance and had gone off to look for her, he’s searched all over Lindblum and only come across the members of Tantalus. He’s rather rude to them, accusing them of plotting to kidnap somebody else when in actual fact they’re helping with the repairs required on the Theatre District, despite his attitude they offer to help in the search for Dagger.

Jumping back to Hilda’s briefing, she tells the group that Terra seems to be connected to a place called the Shimmering Island, however you can’t get directly to Terra from this Island, Kuja had told her that there’s a gateway there but that its sealed, though he also told her there’s a place where this seal is broken. Hilda states there’s an old castle to the north of the Forgotten Continent, its difficult to reach due to the high cliff faces in that region, she decides to name the castle “Ipsen’s Castle”. Then, just as the group are discussing how they could reach Ipsen’s Castle, Steiner bursts into the room, the search for Dagger hasn’t proved fruitful, it would seem she’s not in Lindblum at all as Tantalus couldn’t find her either. Zidane thinks he knows where she could be and tells the group to wait in Lindblum for his return.

He and Tantalus head for Alexandria, Cinna searches the streets whilst Marcus and Blank ask Ruby if they’ve seen Garnet, she tells them she hasn’t. Baku and Zidane have been searching the castle for her, but they’ve had no luck either, though Baku says he’s seen “that chick” then walks off, Zidane follows behind and discovers Baku was referring to Beatrix, whom we’d thought dead after the Battle of Alexandria. Zidane tells her that Steiner’s been worried about her and that Dagger is in a state of shock and has gone mute as a result, he then tells her that she’s missing. Beatrix says that its probably best she doesn’t see Alexandria in the state its in, it wouldn’t help her recovery, but if she has returned then she will have gone to the “Resting Place”, she asks Zidane to give her a stone that also carries her name if he finds her, she believes it’ll help the young ruler to get through this time of uncertainty.

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