#ThrowbackThursday: Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 33

A Rather short update this week, maybe I should have included this last week, but the point I was at seemed like a good cliff hanger. Anyway, there’s a couple of reasons for this, as I write, I’ve had hardly any time with the game, partially because I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal and partially due to needing to catch up on my FFXIV thing whilst also doing some of the Stormblood story on my main. There’s another reason that I’ll cover when I get to the end of this update. For now, I’m looking ahead as to what to do once Final Fantasy IX is finished. It’s a long way off yet but I’m torn between doing another JRPG (maybe Persona 3 FES as I never played through The Answer but would be doing the whole thing) or something like starting the Legacy of Kain games which have always intrigued me (I played, but never finished, Soul Reaver back in the day, but would be starting with Blood Omen), I’ll probably think of others. If there’s anything you’d like me to consider, let me know in the comments.

Zidane finds Dagger at “The Resting Place”, which is where her Mother (Queen Brahne) was laid to rest. The biggest shock is that she’s got her voice back! She tell’s Zidane she came back to Alexandria in the hope that she could take on the role of queen, but has come to the realisation that she’s only ever learnt how to act like a princess and a queen and not actually rule a kingdom. She believes her people won’t accept her for who they are and so wishes to go with Zidane and the others for a little while longer. Zidane gives her the garnet stone that Beatrix had asked him to pass on, he tells her that once upon a time it had been dull, but through being cared for and polished over a number of years, it begun to shine. This, he tells Dagger, is where she’s at right now, someday she will shine just like the stone, and so too will the time come that Alexandria needs her, so long as she has the desire to improve herself.

She ponders this for a moment, then asks Zidane if she can borrow his dagger. She says that she last asked to look at it when she had to make her other big decision (taking on another name to conceal her identity). He hands it over, she turns her back, does a neat little trick with the blade and cuts her pony tail off, leaving her with a rather neat bob. The scene fades out and soon enough everybody is aboard the Hilda Grade III as it leaves Lindblum. Zidane instructs the pilot, Erin, to head straight for Ipsen’s Castle, then I’m handed the controls after a quick explanation on how to fly the airship. I choose to use the autopilot and head straight to the castle, but in reality, I can pretty much go anywhere on the map now.

I look through my party list and realise everyone’s levels are all over the place. Zidane, being a permanent member, is somewhere in the mid-40’s but other characters are around 10 levels lower than that. This is the point I was alluding to earlier, I’m really in need of spending some time grinding and deal with a bunch of side quests, so I’m going to be spending the next week chipping away at those and getting back to and completing Ipsen’s Castle.

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