#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 37

Even though Quina is only level 30 and has only learnt a few spells last week, I decide its time to try and head to the Earth Shrine. Once there Quina tells Zidane that s/he is really pleased they’ve paired up, Zidane admits to them that he got the “leftovers”. Amusingly this only serves to make Quina even happier as their tribe had a saying:

“Leftovers good!”

The shrines are littered with traps, Zidane and Quina have to jump at the right time to escape being squished by traps that wouldn’t be out of place in the original Tomb Raider games, whilst Eiko and Dagger have to run from huge globs of what I presume is water (seeing as they’re at the Water Shrine). Obstacles avoided, Zidane places the Earth Mirror into a hole in the middle of the shrine, a voice booms:

“I’ve been waiting for you…”

Freya says to Amarant that their journey was too easy, however, before she uses the Fire Mirror Amarant tells her to stand back, she jumps away and a feminine-looking person with long red hair appears, how did Amarant know that would happen? Anyway, this person is identified as the Fire Guard, they say that Kuja had told them to expect intruders. The Earth Guard tells Zidane that they (the four guards, I assume) don’t work for Kuja, they are guardians of Terra. It seems the same conversation is going on at all four shrines simultaneously.

“Yes, we are the guardians of Terra…
Filled with the power of Terra itself…
We do not become guardians to chat with mortals…
We derive pleasure from ending your worthless lives…”

Vivi and Steiner are finding it tough to defeat the Wind Guardian, Vivi says that it’s too fast but Steiner urges him not to give up, saying that a true man never gives up in a fight, they just have to figure out how to work together. Steiner comes up with the idea of “jumping on” the Wind Guardian, acting kind of like a tank, whilst Vivi uses his magic. Back with the Earth Guardian, Quina and Zidane are thrown into battle, unfortunately, Quina is still far too weak to be of any help and Zidane can’t do it all on his own, I’m also ill-equipped ability-wise (lots of Earth-based attacks where Auto-Float could come in handy, for example), so the rest of my time with the game this week is spent carrying on the grind.

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