#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 40

As Eiko, I continue my search for Zidane, Stiltzkin has somehow found his way to Terra and is visiting Moorock, he has a Diamond, Either and Elixer pack for sale for 2,222 Gil. Vivi says he saw Zidane and joins in me in trying to find the groups leader, Amarant also volunteers to accompany Eiko.

After entering through the glowing gateway, Eiko spots and confronts the girl who had spoken to both her and Zidane. She demands to know where she has taken the floppy-haired one, the girl says “He went on his own to see Garland” and tells her that Zidane see’s himself as an enemy of Gaia. Eiko decides she must go back and tell the others what she has heard.

Zidane arrives in Garlands “haunted mansion” and notes he has “bad taste in interior decorating”, so he’s definitely not lost his sense of humour. As he progresses through Pandemonium he hears a voice:

“So we meet again”

Garland appears before him, with some epic organ music to accompany his entrance.

“Twelve years ago, I lost one of my most prized Genomes. I created him and sent him to Gaia to disrupt the cycle of the souls there. You are that Genome… I am glad you have returned.”

Zidane tells him to shut up, he claims he doesn’t answer to anybody and threatens to take Garland down. Garland tells Zidane he has no intention of destroying Gaia, he “only wishes to make Gaia into Terra”, however, not everything has gone as planned, such as Zidane growing up on Gaia. He then alludes to “another built as you were. He may be the one who threw a wrench into my gears” and suggests Zidane knows him quite well.

“Follow me… The time when the aura of Gaia will turn to the crimson glow of Terra has not yet come. I may need your help anyway”.

Zidane asks Garland to tell him everything

G: “I constructed the Genomes to be vessels for the souls of the people of Terra when they awaken. But 24 years ago, I have life to a Genome that was very much like you. His will ws too strong to make him into a proper vessel, and I even considered discarding him. But then I thought I should put his strength to use. I sent that Genome as my servant to disrupt the cycle of souls on Gaia.”

Z: “So tell me who he is”

G: “Do you not know? You and he are very much alike”

Z: “Alike? I’ve never met anyone like me”

G: “You judge only by appearance. I mean someone with a soul similar to yours. The one I sent to Gaia might also be called your brother… And his name is Kuja.”

Z: “Kuja!? He’s a Genome!? Impossible. He doesn’t even have a tail.”

G: “He is only hiding it. He denies his own identity. He recjects the meaning of his existence and tries to assert his own individuality. Don’t you see the resemblence?”

Z: “Shut up! I’m not like him at all!”

G: “He said the same thing when speaking about the other Genomes. ‘I’m not like those guys’. hi ambition was unbecoming of a Genome, but it was perfect for the mission I have him. To bring war and chaos to Gaia… That was what I sent him to do. To induce an unnaturally chaotic flow. The disruption of the flow of souls is brought by war. And what he did for me exceeded my greatest expectations.”

Z: “What about me? How did I end up on Gaia?”

G: “When you received the gift of life in Bran Bal, Kuja could not bear it. He could not bear to see a Genome with more power than his own, he felt threatened. Kuja discarded you. He dropped you on Gaia, the world he was to destroy.”

Z; “So I was your slave, just like Kuja, to start a war on Gaia?”

G: “That is correct. I didn’t expect Kuja to abandon you,m, but I believed it was his nature. And to him, bringing war to Gaia would prove his victory over you. Perhaps it is because of his desire to justify his existence that he let you live aswell.”

Z: “So, that is why the blood of thousands had to be spilled?”

G: “Are you referring to Kujas ambition? Or to our plan to disrupt the cycle of souls?”

Z: “Both! And what exactly do you gain by disrupting the cycle of souls, or whatever…”

G: “We must sort the souls; I want to disrupt Gaia’s cycle and drain its souls, filling the voice with the souls of Terra. To speed the cycle of souls is to speed the work as a whole. Thus, war… And in time… Gaias souls are gone, and Gaia becomes Terra.”

Z: “But…how!?”

G: “You saw it with your own eyes. You saw the Iifa Tree and the Mist it emits. The role of the Iifa Tree is that of the Soul Divider. The Mist you see comprises the stagnant souls of Gaia…”

Z: “Oh yeah? But we stopped the Mist! So much for that!”

G: “All you saw was the back of the tree… Even now, the Iifa tree blocks the flow of Gaia’s souls, whilst it lets those of Terra flow freely. Come and see for yourself. See the true form of this planet.”

In the next room is a huge device that shows the skies. Garland describes it as an observatory that measures the radiance of Gaia and Terra. The glow from the device is the centre of the planet.

“The end and the beginning of the cycle of souls”

Garland says the light remains Gaia for now, but it will change from blue t crimson and the restoration of Terra will be completed. Kuja, he says, is the Angel of Death, who sends souls to the Iifa Tree, though that was only until Zidane came of age because Kuja’s soul is not eternal. Garland always planned to create Zidane next, he’ll no longer need Kuja’s soul once Zidane becomes stronger.

G: “Now you are aware of the meaning of your existence.”

Z: “Yeah, I’m areare of all the laughter, all the tears I’ve shared with the people of Gaia.”

G: “Forget all that. You are destined to live among the stars for all eternity. You have the power, the position and the motive to do it.”

Z: “I wouldn’t want that kind of power… if I only had a place to call home.. My brothers in Tantalus, Vivi, Freya, Amarant, Quina, Steiner, Eiko and… Dagger… My home is with them in Gaia! If you say I have the motive, the its to punish all of you who brought pain to my friends! I’ll destroy Terra! That’s reason enough for my birth here as a Genome!”

G: “Regretable… I though your souls would be perfect for a new angel of death…”

Z: “I am the new angel of death! Yours!!”

G: Do you know what it means to meet your maker?”

Z: “Shut Up! I’ve had enough of your crap! I’m taking you out, right here, right now!”

Another voice appears in Zidanes mind

“The body becomes a vessel, which greets a new soul…”

G: “He’s too good to make into a regular Genome. But I have no choice…”

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