#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 41

Kuja stands on a rockface and complains about returning to Terra, however, he says its only temporary as

“Soon, the power will be mine alone Mwahahahaha… Just you wait, Garland! And you too, Zidane! I’ll exact my sweet revenge upon you both for insulting me! I’ll make the people of both Gaia and Terra know who rules over all of them! Ha Haha…ahahahaha”

Zidane is slumped on a throne

“Who am I?
I don’t know anything… I cannot think at all.”

A voice calls out


“Yeah… I was called that once. Many people called me that.”

Eiko appears in Zidanes mind

“You always have to show off, don’t you?”

“Yeah, maybe I do”

Then Steiner appears

“Why, you worthless mendicant!”

“Yep… Sounds about right”

Freya has her say

“How very becoming of you.”

“Becoming of me…?”

Then its Vivi’s turn

“I really learned alot by travelling with you, Zidane”

“Yeah, right. I have nothing to teach…”

Quina backs Vivi up

“You teach me manymany things more important that tasty munchies”

“No! I don’t know anything”

Next up: Amarant

“You call that friendship?”



Finally, Dagger tries to get through

D: “Zidane!”

Z: “I don’t know… who am I?”

D: “You were always there for me, Zidane…”

Z: “I’m so… tired…”

D: “How come you’re always so…?”

Z: “I… i am… an… empty… vessel…”




“Wake up, Zidane!”


“Come on, Zidane, wake up!


Zidane awakens and sees Eiko and Vivi stood before him

V: “Zidane!”

Z: “Vivi… Eiko…”

They feared he was dead, when asked why they’re here Vivi says he came to save Zidane. Eiko tells him that it wasn’t easy. Zidane gets up, struggles past them and orders them both to leave him alone, saying this has nothing to do with them

V: “Oh, come on!”

E: “There he goes, being the tough guy… Look, Zidane,… it’s not just about you…”

But Zidane continues to stagger away

V: “Come on, Zidane… Don’t be like that. Lets…”

Z: “Shut up! Just shut up, you stupid brat!”

He staggers through a gate which slams shut behind him blocking Eiko and Vivi off/ They plead with him to stop and wait, telling him he needs rest, he continues to demand that the paid shut up, telling them “there are some things kids can’t understand”. Off screen a dragon roars and a battle against a blue winged horse liked creature called Amdasias begins, with Zidane fighting alone. After a couple of hits though, Freya appears

“Looks like you could do with some help”

Amarant joins the battle too

“Can’t you even take care of yourself?”

The three of them see off the creature easily

F: “How foolish of you to go alone”

Z: “…”

A: “Damn hypocrite.Always talking about friendship when you’re nothing but a selfish loner”

Z: ” I can take care of myself”

F: “Come back, Zidane!”

Zidane continues to struggle away, another beast makes a noise off screen and Steiner comes flying backwards towards Zidane with Quina not too far behind. Another battle begins, though this time against a rather hench looking praying mantis like creature. Blows are shared between Quina, Steiner and the monster before Zidane eventually joins them and Steiner lambasts him for being late. This fight lasts a little longer than the previous one but is still rather easy.

S: “Hmph! What an unworthy opponent!”

Q: “Zidane, you can no leave us! I still want you take me places have lots good food!”

S: “And I have not yet concluded whether or not you are the right man for Her Highness, mind you!”

Z: “Just… leave me alone, I don’t want to trouble you anymore”

Again, he walks off

“You’re all a bunch of babysitting bastards! But trust me, I know that I’m the worst bastard here”

Once again he goes into battle alone, against a huge spiked tortoise with a David Coulthard like chin. It’s called “Shell Dragon” and uses earth attacks which are useless as Zidane was already equipped with Auto-Float. However, it does swipe Zidane with one of its front claws, nearly wiping him out, at which point Dagger appears


“Is this how you want to solve the problem?”

Shell Dragon is also easily beaten

Z: “Dagger…”

D: “You try to do everything by yourself, don’t you?”

Z: “Try to understand… I don’t want to cause trouble to anyone”

D: “Aren’t we your friends?”

Z: “I want to think so! Thats why I always… Look, I’m not from Gaia, I was just a hairs breadth from becoming the destroyer of Alexandria! I can’t accept your friendship so easily!”

D: “you’ve always protected us. But you don’t understand that we looked out for you, too! We watched your back while you watched ours. And we believed in you, same way you believed in us! Just like you protected us… We want to protect you.”

Z: “Dagger..”

Q: “You say it! My master tell me, somebody give you tasties, you give them tasties too! Is good manners! I still not cook you succulent frog yet, Zidane!”

Z: “Quina…”

S: “Chivalry requires a knight to look after his comrades-in-arm. I will not abandon you! And I shall follow you to kingdom come if I must. you remember that!”

Z: “Steiner… Ha… What am I gonna do wit you?”

S: “That feeling is mutual!”

D: Alright, let’s go! Wait… Where are the four others?”

Z: “You don’t think… they’ve been trapped?”

Q: “It possible…”

S: “You should not have left them!”

D: “That’s right! I mean, really…

Z: “Aww… I’m sorry. Lets head back… Together this time!”

After tracking back we find Freya, Amarant, Eiko and Vivi all together. They’re surprised to see Zidane and Eiko demands to know why he left them. Zidane apologises and tells her they were all right and that he needs everybody’s help. They have to stop Garland.

Eiko introduces them to a Moogle that is stood at the back of the group, she says it followed her from Bran Bal, after resting Zidane says its time to find their way out of “this depressing castle”.

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