#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 43

Disc 4 opens up Black Mage Village. Vivi seems to be very busy and it would appear he’s got the Black Mages to agree to the Genomes setting up home alongside them. No.288 believes its a great idea, remarking that they’re similar in many ways and promises Zidane that the villagers will look after “his friends”. One Genome is fascinated by the baby chocobo, which has been given the name Bobby Corwen. Bobby Corwen (because No.33 only ever uses its full name) seems to be interested in her too, No.33 is proud that the bird has made a friend.

The Genomes are obviously inquisitive and the Black Mages seem happy to answer their questions. Quina though thinks the world is being overcomplicated and tries to simplify it for one Genome and the Black Mage shopkeeper.

“World only have two things! Things you can eat and things you can no eat.”

Elsewhere, Dagger and Steiner discuss the groups next action. They both feel the return of the Mist is Kuja’s doing and that he must be at the Iifa Tree, Steiner thinks they should consult with Cid first, but Dagger disagrees, she feels going to Lindblum could cause a panic, people will be worried enough about the return of the Mist. She does acknowledge that they may need to go to Lindblum to prepare, but pleads with Steiner not to tell Cid anything. Zidane than asks if they’re ready to leave, but before they can Mikoto appears and tells them they haven’t got a chance.

“You saw Kuja’s power. He destroyed a world by himself. You don’t even have a million in one chance of defeating him… You’ll all die.”

One of the Black Mages comments that she seems to know lots of difficult words, Zidane agrees with them and then introduces her as his little sister, asking the villagers to take good care of her. He instructs her to behave and make some friends, then adds

“We might be desperate insects to Kuja, but I’ll show you how powerful we can be.”

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