#ThrowbackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 44

We’re supposed to go to the Iifa Tree, but I really want to try some of the sidequests out, I’ve got the Mognet Central stuff, Stellazio Coins and Chocobo Forest that I think I should still be able to do. I head for Lindblum first and find Sagittarius, I’m not sure if it was there before and I just missed it but I have it now at least, I also find Pisces onboard the Invincible. Next is Alexandria, where I talk to Kupo. He claims we’re close to solving the “mystery of Mognet”, and asks me to deliver a letter to Atla, who used to be in Burmecia

“From Kupo to Atla,

I heard we haven’t received any mail lately, because the machine in Mognet Central broke down, kupo.

It’s supposedly a complicated machine.

They’re missing something that makes the machine run smoothly, kupo.”

Atla then wonders if she’ll start getting mail again once the machine works properly and asks me to deliver a letter Mogryo, which means back to the Black Mage Village

“From Atla to Mogryo

We haven’t been receving mail, because the machine in Mognet Central broke down.

I wonder how we can fix it? kupo!

Do you think there’s a special item that will fix the machine?”

Mogryo thinks aloud “A special item? maybe its…” then tells Zidane, “I think I’m close to solving the mystery of Mognet!” and asks him to deliver a letter to Kumool who is still in Ipsen’s Castle

“From Mogryo to Kumool

I heard that the machine in Mognet Central broke down! It’s because they’re missing that item!

I wonder where you can find one? Kupo? I’ts a rare item, so I don’t think you’ll find one very easily…”

Now Kumool wants a letter delivering to Mois, and I’m gradually starting to see Zidane as Kevin Costner in The Postman. Mois is much harder to find, he used to be in the Ice Cavern, but that’s blocked off by the roots of the Iifa Tree that have popped up all over Gaia now the Mist has returned. He’s not in nearby Dali either, so I turn to Google which suggests that I’ll find him at Qu’s Marsh

“From Kumool to Mois

I understand! Kupo! Mognet will function again once we have some!

I think Mois would know! Kupo! Where is that item?

We need it to repair Mognet!”

Mois seems as frustrated at this as I am “They gotta tell me more than “that item!” Kupo!!!” then gives me a letter for Noggy, so its off to Daguereo this time.

“From Mois to Noggy

I think Mognet can go back to standard operation if we can get the right item!

Kupo! If you ask me, the item they’re looking for is that thing!

You know what I mean, right? It’s that…thing!”

Now I have to go back to Kupo in Alexandria with Noggy’s letter

“From Noggy to Kupo

I know whats needed to run the machine in Mognet Central! It’s ‘Superslick’!

I heard a rumour about it! The rumour said that someone in Alexandria has it! That’s what I heard! Kupo!

Find it and send it to Central right away!”

Kupo’s heard of ‘Superslick” too but doesn’t know anyone who has it, though I assume I now need to speak to everyone in Alexandria judging by Noggy’s letter.

Thankfully it doesn’t take long to find. ruby actually has some, she happens to use it on her hair, then the thought occurs to me I don’t even know how to get to Mognet Central and talking to Kupo doesn’t reveal anything else so I’m forced to Google that too, which tells me I need to spend some time on the Chocobo Forest treasure hunting mini-game.

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