#ThrowbackThursday #Horroctober edition: Alan Wake – week 2

It seems to me that these posts are going to be on the lengthy side. I think there’s something like 6 episodes in the game, so doing two episodes per weekly update will take me nicely to the end of the month, but typing them up is going to be a mammoth task. I was going to include the text from the manuscript pages along with the updates, but they’re mostly retelling whats happening in the game.

Episode One.

On the ferry Pat Maine introduces himself whilst Alan’s wife, Alice, tries to get a photo of him “relaxing”. He recognises Alan immediately and tells him he’s a huge fan before trying to wrangle Alan into doing an interview for the radio program he runs, Alan turns him down though, saying he’s here on vacation and would appreciate it if Pat could keep it quiet that he’s in Bright Falls. However, it seem’s everybody in town already knows Alan is visiting. Whilst looking for a man called Carl Stucky, Alan enters a diner, the girl at the counter recognises him and points out the cardboard cutout of Alan that she rescued from the local book shop. Apparently, Carl is in the bathroom, but instead of showing some patience and manners by waiting for him, maybe grabbing a coffee, he decides to head to the back of the diner to get the key’s to the cabin he and his wife plan to stay at. He knocks at the door, but there’s no reply, but a creepy woman wearing a veil grabs Alan’s attention, telling him “Carl couldn’t make it, unfortunately he was taken ill” so she has the key, she hands it over and tells Alan that she’ll visit him and his wife soon, she insists upon it.

Alan leaves the diner and gets into the passenger seat of the car, his wife drives off in the direction of the lake, a man then staggers out of the diner and into the road behind them, calling out for them to wait. It’s Carl and he has the actual keys to where the couple are supposed to be staying, so what keys has the veiled-lady given them?

On the trip to the cabin we learn that Alan hasn’t written anything new in two years, we all learn that Alice has a phobia of darkness, so its up to Alan to go and make sure all the lights are on before the sun sets. Another thing Alan narrates to the player (and he narrates a lot of stuff as you play) is that the little island that the cabin is on, or maybe the whole island, I’m not too sure, is sat atop a dormant volcano, which, well, is never good is it?

Inside the cabin there’s a shoe box sat open on top of a cupboard, its full of books written by an author called Thomas Zane and they have the following titles:

  • “The Temple of Shadow and Mist”
  • The Labyrinth of Me”
  • “In Her Dreams to Prevail”
  • “Kept from Sleep”

Which all feel ominous.

Alice calls to Alan from upstairs, as he climbs to the first floor her jeans are slung over the bannister, Alan probably thinks he’s going to get some sexy time as thanks for going and powering up the generator. However, sat in a room on a desk is a typewriter. Alice admits to luring him to Bright Falls to help ease his writers block, and says there’s a Doctor who has a surgery locally that specialises in creative types who are struggling to be creative. Alan takes all of this poorly and in anger accuses her of trying to get him locked up. As his anger increases, the room blackens, he storms outside knowing she wont follow him as its too dark. However he soon hears a scream from indoors. He tries to rush back but gets attacked by swarms of crows. He eventually bursts through the doorway, but Alice is nowhere to be seen, there’s a huge hole in the wall, which Alan jumps through into the water below.

He awakens sat in the couples car, which has crashed up in the hills, he has no memory of how he got there, spotting the the gas station in the distance he decides that’s the best place for him to head for. In the distance there’s a blinding light and floating from it are pages from a manuscript called “Departure”, which Alan notes he was planning to call his next novel, indeed the manuscript has his name on it but Alan hadn’t even started writing it before he arrived in Bright Falls.

A figure also appears in the distance, Alan calls out to it, but it vanishes straight away. Not walked away, straight up evaporated into the air. He heads in the direction of the figure anyway and as he turns a corner he spies some lights on at the area’s logging company. Finding a way inside by climbing a log that has fallen and taken some of the fence with it, he finds a man muttering to himself, though he introduces himself as Carl Stucky, the man who Alan was supposed to meet for the keys, he’s definitely not himself, he picks up an axe and runs off amongst all the stacked logs, leaving a body on the floor where he was previously stood.

As Alan makes his way through the logs, Carl keeps shouting random stuff and causing havoc, giving chase. Alan eventually make it to a hut before Carl can launch an actual attack on him, inside he finds a flashlight and a gun on a counter, there’s also a phone which he uses to try and call the Sheriff’s department, though the line gets cut before he can have a conversation. Then one of the large machines rumbles to life, with Carl at the wheel, he drives it at the cabin and Alan has to rush to escape before its pushed over the side of the cliff.

As Alan progresses through the forest he comes across a logging site, where he finds a shotgun. He switches on a radio and the man from the ferry begins talking to a man called Maurice who’s dog, Toby, had run into the undergrowth whilst out on a walk but Maurice was unable to call him back, he hopes that after hearing his call, the rest of Bright Falls will keep a look out for Toby.

The closer I get to the gas station, the more a fog kind of begins to fill the forest, each time it gets really thick I’m attacked by groups of loggers on whom I have to use a combination of the torch and the pistol to dispatch. Occassionally I spy graffiti on rocks, walls and tree’s that points me to either some loot (usually a box containing a flare gun) or “safe havens”, which are normally a generator that I have to power up to get a light to work which wards off any would be attackers.

Everywhere I turn in this forest I find logging equipment, I spy a building in the distance, just beyond it is a manuscript page and a gate, but as I get close a larger than usual number of loggers attack me. I dispatch them with the flare gun, pick up the manuscript page and head into the building. Inside there’s a TV, switching it on shows a clip for a show called Night Spring, which is a kind of Twilight Zone-esque thing, on which a Doctor talks about his “Many Worlds Theory”, proposing that he has developed a machine that allows him to fire a gun at himself, but it’ll only discharge blanks, however, with each pull of the trigger the world branches off in different directions, or something to that effect. However, a student trips over the cable to the machine, unplugging it just as the Doctor pulls the trigger on the gun…

After leaving the building and navigating his way out of the logging yard via a few fairly easy puzzles, Alan finally reaches the petrol station. He notes a sign that says the “68th Annual Deerfest” is 7 days away, on the ferry to Bright Falls Pat Maine had told them that the Deerfest was a fortnight away, somehow Alan has lost a whole week. Inside the garage is a TV that shows Alan talking rather animatedly to himself, none of this makes any sense.

On the sales counter there lies a telephone, he uses it to ring the Sheriffs station, triggering a cut-scene where he tells the Sheriff whats been happening. She informs him that what he says is impossible, there’s not been a cabin on the lake since the 70s.

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