#ThrowbackThursday #Horroctober edition: Alan Wake – week 4

It’s taking longer than anticipated to type these up, I tried to have two episodes done for Thursday but even just doing Episode 3 resulted in a delay, so I’ll be increasing the rate at which I post them in order to try and get this finished for Halloween.

Episode 3

Alan and Barry arrive at the trailer park and head for Roses trailer. Barry fills Alan in on the history of cauldron lake, saying that it was owned by one Thomas Zane, that is until the volcano beneath it erupted in the 70s. Apparently, a girl called Barbara Jagger also drowned in the lake, though all the articles written about that were written by Cynthia Weaver, the odd lady who was obsessed with the lights in the diner and police station. Near the trailer is a boat that the caretaker claims “just fell out of the sky!”

When they reach Roses trailer she’s acting really oddly, talking rather flatly. Alan asks if she has the manuscript, but she says she doesn’t, though she thinks he needs a muse to inspire him, offering herself for the role, whilst serving them coffee. The two begin to feel light-headed and both pass out from the spiked coffee. Alan has a vision of the veiled woman who tells him he must finish what he started, another voice tells him to the turn to the lights on. Alan appears in a TV again, narrating his thoughts, he calls the veiled lady Barbara Jagger, believing her to be the woman who drowned in the lake. He’s been out of it for a day and now only has 12 hours to deliver his manuscript to the kidnapper.

A radio plays a conversation between the host and “Walt” (Who I think maybe the man from the police cells), he thinks something “is gonna happen”. At the car the cops are waiting for Alan, an FBI agent is with them, and immediately opens fire at Alan, just about missing the trailer parks caretaker, Alan makes a run for it and is then chased through the woods by cops on foot, with patrol cars blocking off roads and a helicopter circling overhead. As Alan stumbles through the woods, following a dried-up river bed, the mist returns and a cop car is flung through the air, whilst panicking cries shout to “shoot it”, whilst roars fill the air. There’s been more than one patrol car that’s been attacked by the Darkness, and as Alan passes one a conversation plays out over its radio, the cops have managed to arrest Barry and Rose. It sounds like Barry is still pretty out of it and Rose is still acting oddly.

In the distance Alan spots a radio tower and decides to head there, though the Darkness tries to prevent his progress by closing gates, I have to activate various different lights in order to dispel it every time it blocks off a new route, it’s not long before Alan finds a flashlight in an upturned police car.

Once at the radio station Alan talks to the Pat, the guy he met on the ferry who has been filling listeners in on the ongoings in Bright Falls, thought before the conversation can get very far Alan has to escape as the police also arrive on the scene. Pat tries to diffuse the situation, but again, the FBI agent fires anyway. He shouts that he’ll get Wake, even if it kills him. Alan escapes in the direction of the railroad, his phone rings, it’s Alice, she says that she’s afraid but also that when she looks at Alan, she sees someone else looking back. The route takes Wake beneath a bridge, where the Darkness returns and attacks him by throwing barrels and debris. He escapes by throwing flares at two gates that the Darkness is using the block his path. When he finally reaches the train depot the attacks continue, this time the Darkness has possessed a bulldozer, in one of the offices a TV shows another episode of Night Springs. This episode tells the tale of a journalist, Alvyn, who is interviewing a woman about mythology, she suddenly kisses him, which impregnates him with “The Dweller of the Flesh” in a scene similar to the breakfast scene in Alien.

Outside Alan finds a pick-up truck, gets in and heads for the coal mine, though he can’t drive right up to it. The following day Wake finds a shack, there’s a radio inside, Pat reveals the FBI agent had detained him last night, he admits to not really liking the guy. A short way along the trail Alan reaches the coal mine, it’s mostly an abandoned museum now and he’s there early so has to wait around till night time. The kidnapper never shows, instead he rings and when Alan demands to know why he hasn’t turned up he says the plans changed, Alan is to head for Mirrors Peak instead. As he tries to leave the building he’d been waiting around in, the room shakes, as if hit by something and he finds the door is locked, his only way out is through a trapdoor in the floor.

The Darkness is getting stronger now, it can pull up tree’s and form tornadoes, some times it’s a case of just running for it. He finds a ghost town, there’s not much here, though it does have a working TV. Alan is on screen again, staring into the camera in a crazed, creepy way. As he gets nearer to Mirror Peak, he finds the only way through is via an abandoned mineshaft, as tries to navigate the tunnels a woman voice keeps whispering his name, shortly after he drops to the floor, his headache returning, but he has to carry on. He hears Alice crying for help in the distance. He hears a male voice talking to somebody else, pleading with them, saying that they don’t have Alice. He follows the sounds and finds the kidnapper on his knees, but before they can talk, the Darkness grabs hold of the kidnapper and then throws Alan off the cliff edge and into Cauldron Lake.

However, before he drowns, a light shines from the surface, a hand reaches down and pulls Alan onto a boat.



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