#ThrowbackThursday Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver playthrough part 2

Leaving the gate room Raziel comes across more familiar scenery, the Lake of the Dead. Even though much of Nozgoth has changed in the time Raziel lay at the bottom of the lake, this landmark allows him to get his bearings. There are two directions I can, in theory, access, though I take the route that the camera is pointing in after the short cut-scene has ended.

Working my way through the various corridors, slaying vampires as I go, Raziel eventually comes across a circular room with a tower in the centre, a staircase spirals around its outside. Climbing to the top I find a switch, which when pulled lowers a drawbridge, which itself (eventually) leads to a courtyard where a pair of vampires (a different kind to those born from Dumahim), these are more humanoid in appearance, more of the “classical” look, but there’ skin has a kind of green tone to it. Thankfully they’re dispatched in the same way: impalement or through exposure to light or water. But they’re not the only enemies here.

As Raziel walks through a gateway, an arrow flies and hits the wall just in front of me, as I make my way into the open I see a human holding a crossbow, I lock on and strafe him, two or three hits is enough to take him down and Raziel devours his soul as he does with the vampires.

Another courtyard awaits, this one littered with gravestones, yellow flags fly from a nearby archway, there’s a relief carved into a wall, Raziel notes that this is the land given to the youngest of Kain’s lieutenants: Melhahim, the lands Raziel now finds himself in are called Necropolis, and Melhahim’s offspring appear to share the traits of their creator, who was the weakest of Kain’s officers. These creatures, Raziel notes, are so weak their “flesh barely able to contain the undying decay”. They also appear to not care about how they obtain sustenance as I find one feasting off a corpse dug fresh from a grave.

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