#ThrowbackThursday Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver playthrough part 3

My next stop is a room I remember getting a little frustrated with back when I originally played this. It’s raining and vampires come out of the ground, everything is a bit green, particularly the pond (small lake? it feels too big to be a pond, too small to be a lake, what comes in between?) in the centre of the room. There’s a way across, by jumping and gliding across to the little islands near its centre, but lets look around first.

Over to the right is a raised corridor, moving a block to it still doesn’t allow me access, even if I use the crouch jump. Switching to the spectral plane does however allow me to drop to the bottom of the lake (yeah, I’ll go with lake), where I find more corridors.

Following the left-hand one leads to a wall with a different texture to its surroundings, but I can’t do anything with it, I think it’s somewhere I can climb later. I backtrack and take the other route, this way I find two gates, but I can’t open them as I’m in the spectral realm and under water. I head back to the surface and switch to the material realm and take the route through the centre of the room, using the islands to cross the lake.

After dispatching another of Melhahim’s children I find a room with raised walkways though in this realm there’s no way to reach them. Switching over to the spectral plane shows me the way, a staircase appears in one wall. A new enemy appears, a Wraith, the disembodied voice who has been guiding Raziel informs him the are the souls of vampires that consume other souls, Raziel must prevent them reinhabiting their corpses.

After climbing the stairs I can immediately switch back to the material realm. Next I have to push a block over to a hole in the wall, though a new mechanic means I have to “flip” it up a step before it can reach the hole. Having done this a gate opens, leading to the next room.

This room features another blocik and hole in the wall puzzle, its a little more complicated than the previous one, you don’t take a direct route as Raziel doesn’t seem able to flip blocks up half steps, just ones that are a full block in height. There’s also two platforms, one either side of the room, stepping on one raises the other. So the trick is to push the block until its in its hole, which opens up the lower gate. Switch to the spectral realm, go into the previous room, work your way up the stairs and back into the room with the cantilever platforms, one of which should be raised. Jump to the raised one and then across to the far wall of the room and into the next room.

Another block puzzle greets me here, this one is, again, slightly different. There’s two blocks, one on top of the other, they have markings on two of their sides, these markings match markings in the holes they fit in. Through pushing them around to different height platforms, pushing the top block off and then flipping one a few different directions before pushing them both into the holes, another gate unlocks.

Through this one is a long ramp, at the top of this is a double set of doors, and through those is the room with the lake. I push the block off the side, which lands on the one I moved much much earlier and I spy a crystal on a raised area but its too far for Raziel to glide to.

Dropping back down into the court yard with the lake I push the stacked blocks to another raised area, climb them and ultimately find myself in a room with a huge, currently inoperable elevator.

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