#ThrowBackThursday – Monster Hunter Freedom 2

I’ve quite liked Capcom’s Monster Hunter series for a while now, the one I got into the most was 2018s Monster Hunter World which was the original inspiration for me running a blog, prior to that it was Tri on the Wii. I’ve mostly bounced off the PSP releases even though I can see their merit (and they’re very similar to Tri) but having recently bought a new PSP I’ve gone back to Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

Whats amazing to me is just how different it all feels going back to the “old style” Monster Hunter after spending a good chunk of last year playing World. I found the PS4 game to still be quite difficult but now I see just how much more streamlined it is and how much it holds the players hands. Freedom 2 expects you to find everything for yourself.  For the first hour I was accepting quests from the Gathering Hub and then wondering why I was having my arse handed to me, it then clicked this was the multiplayer area of the game and I’d have to find the single player stuff elsewhere so left the Gathering Hub and found the village Elder outside whom sent me to gather Mountain Herbs and a few other bits (I decided to skip the Training School). I’ve now gotten onto the 2 star quests and discovered the Pokke Farm etc, its weird not having the floating green bug from World point EVERYTHING you can gather out to you and its weird having to have items in your inventory before you can combine them rather than being able to do so from your Item Box (and having to remember the recipes yourself). But I’m getting there and am enjoying having a Monster Hunter I can carry with me, on a rather lovely screen (I tried the demo of one of the 3DS games and found it all a bit too cramped).

Most of all though I’m enjoying the challenge of the combat, whilst I still wouldn’t say World is an easy game (I know some would) I’m finding that having to time my attacks and knowing when I can go all out on a combo attack, knowing that one false move will leave me completely exposed and put me on the back foot. I do miss World’s tracking though, following footprints, checking scrapings, dung etc to lead me to the bigger beasts in that game, and I am wondering if there will be moments where bigger creatures fight each other and I’m hoping beyond hope that there isn’t anything like Tri’s Qurupeco in this as I abhorred that creature!

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