#ThrowBackThursday Resident Evil 0

This is probably going to be brief, and some might ask why bother writing this at all, but well, that’s the point of joining in with a monthly club isn’t it? You give something a chance and it doesn’t always stick but you can at least now, hopefully, say why that is the case.

Retro Games Club played Resident Evil 0 in November, the number of people actively playing it was probably the least we’ve had since the community I’m a part of started doing this. Personally, I was apprehensive anyway, I’ve never really gotten on with the series, I’ve tried everything up to and including 4, but its never really stuck with me. I did actually complete 4 (on PS2) and the light gun game Resident Evil Survivor (which I remember actually liking, even if it’s not widely accepted as a good entry in the franchise), though I’d never played 0 until it came up for the games club.

Resident Evil 0 was another that wasn’t well-received, I think by that point the general feeling was that the way these games played had gotten a bit old.

For clarities sake, I was playing the HD Remaster via Steam rather than the Gamecube original, I did look at picking it up on Gamecube but figured it’d be easier to just get it on Steam and run it in better quality on my PC, plus I’d be able to take screenshots and/or stream to Twitch.

Now I know this one is set before the events of Resident Evil, hence the 0 in its title, but having never finished that, nor pretty much any other game in the series, I’m not entirely sure how this all fits together. However, things open up with the player starting out as STARS team medic Rebecca. You’ve somehow been trapped upon a train and eventually meet escaped convict, Billy. The Resident Evil series has a tradition of two protagonists per game, but usually, you pick one and play through the game as that person and then play through the game as the other person with some variances in events that happen throughout.

Resident Evil 0 does things differently, you almost always have access to both Rebecca and Billy, and can switch which you are controlling at any given time, though some times they have to be separated to overcome certain obstacles which add some interesting if some times clumsy puzzle mechanics to proceedings.

It’s not quite as tank-like in its controls as my memory of the other games would have me believe either, and by that I mean that whilst its not got the fluidity of movement they introduced by placing the camera over Leon’s shoulder in Resident Evil 4, and even though it sticks to the static, moodily placed camera’s, it still actually feels fairly natural control.

However, during the month that we were playing it, I didn’t actually get around to finishing it, I’m still in the research centre if truth be told, and I’ll have to admit, I was quite disappointed when the characters arrived in yet another mansion, when I saw that the story began on a train I was hoping for a much larger number of carriages and a fucked up Resident Evil inspired take on Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Runaway Train”.

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3 thoughts to “#ThrowBackThursday Resident Evil 0”

  1. If you can do finish it, admittedly commented on with the fog of memory turned firmly on but don’t recall it being to long after you arrive at the mansion. *spoilers* fairly certain it’s the last location you visit though not that many in total.

    1. The mansion/training centre is the second location, I’ve not looked at any guides or anything to see what’s beyond it. But I wouldn’t mind trying to finish it

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