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Hey, welcome to the new look Bar Harukiya, some of you are new faces, many of you are old, all of you are equally welcome. So pull up a stool, place your order with Sojiro-san and let me introduce myself.

I’m Duane, I’ve been writing about videogames since 2006 for two seperate sites that I also ran, one evolved into the other and due to a variety of reasons the latter closed. I took a break from writing for a while but returned last year, in fact just over a year ago, with the idea that I’d discuss more than just games.

Now that does take up the majority of the space here on Bar Harukiya, but as the name suggests, this isn’t just a gaming blog and a quick look through the menu at the top right of the screen will reveal a little more. You see one of the reasons my previous site slipped into nothingness was down to my mental health so I decided that this would be the place that I’d at least attempt to openly discuss that whilst also bringing to your attention things I’m enjoying. The latter is normally done through reviews but I’ll also be posting contributions towards the wonderful Geek Blogs Unite community.

I started this all off via a free WordPress site as I didn’t want to put undue pressure on myself to write, if I had to take a break it didn’t matter (and indeed, I had to in February), but was offered the chance to expand thanks to my good friend Bradley at Mental Health Gaming, who’s site you should all go and read and bookmark immediately.

Lastly, I’ve added all my social media buttons over there on the right of the page, give me a follow, say hi, whatever, if you enjoy the site, you can always buy me a coffee, but you really don’t have to do so (you can either use the link I’ve just provided or you can use the button on the right). I’ll be trying to stream more often on Twitch too, but with the kids being at home and me being socially awkward unless I’m writing things down, I do find it hard to talk over a headset.

If you like what I do here on Bar Harukiya, then please send me a tip!

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