What Are You Reading? April 2021

Well, I’m getting through things quicker than I’d anticipated, however, I’m still struggling through that Final Fantasy I, II, III: Memory of Heroes from Takashi Umemura. It’s a strange book, I’m still on Final Fantasy II and it’s really dragging. These aren’t complicated plots, certainly nothing on what comes from the series later, but the tales get bogged down by the writing which at terms zips along, but at others becomes incredibly repetitive. It also tries to use language that’s far more intelligent than the stories it’s trying to tell are, which makes it feel a little eurgh. So why do I carry on? I don’t know, I really should just call it quits, put it down as a bad book, and maybe I will if I haven’t finished it by the end of this month.

Likewise, if I’m struggling to sleep, then that Lovecraft book I’ve been chipping away at, if you can even call it that, is likely to get me to sleep. It’s also likely to lead to me having some odd dreams, which is probably to be expected, though they’re not quite as vivid as the ones I got last year from Junji Ito’s “No Longer Human”. But this is a year-long project, so as long as I’m making some progress, then that’s fine.

After finishing True Grit, we move onto the next Close Encounters “Books without pictures” submission, which is The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski, this is the first (chronologically) of The Witcher series. Unlike most of the others in my book club, I have no experience of this series beyond hearing good things about the games and the Netflix shows, seeing the meme’s surrounding the latter and a bunch of screenshots of the third game in the series. So we’ll see how I get on with it and if I want to progress through the series, which is the ultimate goal as it’s our replacement for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Finally, I’ll be continuing with Alan Moore’s Promethea, I have the third volume ready to go and am really enjoying my experience of them so far.

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