What Are You Reading? March 2021

Continuing from last month and being serious about trying to make this a regular feature, here’s the second instalment of “What Are You Reading?”. Not only is it a good way for me to hopefully engage with you guys, but it also gives me a bit of space to talk about books I may not have strong enough opinions on to flesh out into a post of their own.

It feels like “Sexuality” by Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele fits into that category. I’ve actually had this on the go thanks to Keymailer for a while now and I dip in and out of it. It’s really interesting, chronicling our understanding of sexuality throughout history using a semi-graphic novel format. I say semi because it is illustrated but it’s not done like you’d expect a graphic novel to have been done but nor is it a full-on non-fiction textbook, lying somewhere in-between which stops the text from being incredibly dry. It’s interesting and thought-provoking and provides some excellent insight into how social constructs have defined sexuality throughout human history and both the positive and negative movements that have happened over the past two hundred years or so.

Final Fantasy I, II, III: Memory of Heroes from Takashi Umemura is another that fits within this bracket. In this Umemura has adapted the tales from the first three Final Fantasy games into short stories, roughly 40-70 pages long each. As you may have noticed if you read my “Ranking Final Fantasy” post, I’ve not played those games, or not played them enough to know the ins and outs of their tales but being NES-era games those plots will be fairly thin. This shows here too, I’ve not long finished the first of the three adaptations but the tale is very much the Warriors of Light go to this place, fight big bad, the crystals they wear return the light to the big crystal and then they move onto the next location until the four elemental crystals are restored and they then defeat the main bad guy.

Due to a variety of reasons book club has been delayed, so we’re convening on Discord this week to discuss A Dance with Dragons part 2, so I’ve been dragging my heels on True Grit. I’ve started it, but it’s really not a long book and with my memory being pretty awful at remembering plot and such I want to read the majority of it closer to when we meet to discuss that book at the end of the month.

My plan is also to continue with Alan Moore’s Promethea and re-read the second volume. I read the first two volumes quite a few years ago and only got round to buying the third just after Christmas, I’m aiming to pick up the final two volumes and complete this series. I like the start it’s made, though a few of Alan Moore’s notable tropes have already appeared.

Further to my current Final Fantasy addiction, I’ve had the second and third volumes of Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger delivered from Close Encounters, this manga series follows a young Square-Enix employee who, after being hit by a truck, is thrown into his own Final Fantasy adventure. I’m not expecting it to be a classic or high-brow or anything, literally just something fun with lots of cameos for fans to enjoy, which is basically what I want from it.

Lastly, I’ll be continuing with that HP Lovecraft collection I mentioned last month, I don’t know how many stories are in there but I’ve only read three of them, it’s literally there for when none of the above takes my mood.

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