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I lose my mojo for a few months, I was barely playing anything, barely reading anything, things at home have been rather challenging and whilst I wouldn’t say they’ve let up or are likely to let up, I know I need to find room for the things that bring me joy, two of those things are writing here and Final Fantasy XIV.

The titles a poor one I know, but those first three letters will give you a clue as to what I’m writing about today: Final Fantasy XIV.

You see I’ve reached a stage where I’m up to date on the MSQ, I have some endgame stuff to do, namely getting my gear up to max ilvl, basically all of the Bozja Southern Front stuff, the final Nier raid, plus I’m gradually working on getting my crafters and gatherers upto level 80.

But I’ve also decided to give another class a go, I already have two DPS at level 80: Dragoon (my main) and Red Mage so looking through what I’d previously done and trying to weigh up being a healer or a tank I saw Marauder was at level 15, the only other combat class I’d touched. Why had I abandoned it there?

Well, its simple.

Back when A Realm Reborn came out there were requirements for you to go from being, say, a Lancer to a Dragoon. Currently you just have to do the Lancer story line until you hit level 30 then you can get your soul stone, but back in the day you had to level two Classes to take on a Job, your main had to be level 30 and your second had to be at level 15, my main was Lancer and as you may have guessed my second had to be Marauder, a tank class that now leads into specialising in the Warrior job.

Now, I’ve had to go back through the Hall of the Novice to know roughly what I’m doing, and what a great tool that is, and I’ve gone from level 15 to level 25,but I’m not brave enough to actually lead the line and Tank with a real party.

Thankfully I don’t have to, I can run through some dungeons with a Command Squad made up of AI characters which also has the added benefit of increasing my Grand Company rank and allowing me to do more through that.

However, one thing that’s putting me off is that the early gear for Marauder/Warrior is absolutely awful looking and doesn’t suit my character at all. Yeah, its fickle of me, but the game is known as a bit of a Dress Up Doll game and I want my character to look the part. I have enough stuff to put something together as a Glamour but also have an idea of what I want. My Dragoon glamour is based upon the Valkyire class from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, my Red Mage glam isn’t based upon anything other than wanting to be a little different to the typical Red Mage/Cavalier look.

For Warrior I want to evoke Haru/Noir from Persona 5 and have a few ideas of how to get there, though the hat and body piece are proving the most difficult to match up.

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